Trent Schools

August 14, 2020

Trent College has had another very strong year of A Level results with clear improvement on previous years’ results. 64.3% of entries across the curriculum were awarded A* to B grades, a 7% increase on last year. The total number of A* to A grades awarded to pupils has also risen by over 8%.

In BTEC Sport, all pupils achieved a minimum of a Distinction, the equivalent of an ‘A’ at A Level, and 50% of those earned the top Distinction* grade equating to the top A* grade at A Level. It has also been another strong year for EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) results with 50% of pupils earning A* to A grades in their independent research projects.

Mr Penty, Head of Trent College, said, “Once again our pupils have achieved some great results with the vast majority securing places at their first choice universities. Their achievements are even greater in light of these unprecedented times and I hope they are as proud of what they have achieved as I am.

“However, although we can see this clear overall improvement in these A Level results from year on year comparisons, this was a very able year group and we are disappointed that they have not been afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential through formal examinations. The devil lies in the detail of individual outcomes. 34% of entries have been downgraded from the recommendations our teaching staff team put forward, and many of these we are struggling to understand. We know that this is mirrored in schools nationally. Knowing that some pupils have been denied the grades they deserve has sadly cast a shadow over today’s achievements, and we are committed to supporting every pupil in navigating their way through challenges that are not of their own making.

“I congratulate a wonderful year group on all that they have achieved throughout their time at the school, both academically and across the huge range of other areas in which they have excelled. Their final year of school has not ended in a way that any of them or us could have wished. They leave with my immense admiration for the bright futures that certainly lie ahead of them.”