Trent Schools

July 1, 2019

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, these are the latest results available to publish.

The Elms has a very thorough, detailed assessment system and schedule in place from Nursery to Year 6. The objective is to support children in their progress and achievement, and to enable us to plan their individual next steps for learning, including whether they need support or to be stretched in particular areas. The key is for the children not to feel like they are being assessed and therefore be able to show their true potential.

Along with many other independent schools, The Elms opted out of doing SATs a number of years ago and we believe the approach we adopted presents a much less pressurised way to monitor and track progress. It’s in keeping with recognising the mastery aspect of learning, and how well pupils can apply knowledge, rather than pushing them to learn things for external tests.

Report grades take a number of elements into account; teacher observation, the May tests and other assessments too, for example the adaptive reading skills tests completed by pupils twice a year. This electronic assessment is clever because it responds to give each pupil a more challenging or simpler piece of text to read and understand, depending on how they found the previous piece, giving us instant feedback on a pupil’s reading age and what reading support they need. At parents’ evening this is reviewed and the child’s next steps discussed.




96.5% of pupils met or exceeded the expected standard.


96.5% of pupils met or exceeded the expected standard.


93.5% of reception pupils made expected or higher progress during their final year of the EYFS.