Our schools are busy and vibrant places where pupils discover their passions, develop their skills and achieve more than they thought possible.

Progression is a driving force throughout; from learning to write in Nursery, developing the confidence to take to the stage, the skills to make the hockey team and achieving the grades needed to fulfil aspirations. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, every attempt is a step forward. It is this continual progression and the sense of momentum it brings to our school community that inspired our ‘Go Further’ messaging.

The video forms the central part of our ‘Go Further’ message. Just 90 seconds in duration, it captures the warmth of our community, the excitement of school life and our forward-thinking outlook to education. Most importantly, it demonstrates our shared commitment to helping every pupil ‘go further’ in reaching his or her potential. Like each pupil’s journey through school, the video is constantly moving forward. The destination? Our pupils will decide.

The creation of the video

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