Contact details for members of staff are available within the Parent Portal.

  • Senior Leadership Team

    Head: Mr W J Penty BA (Hons), Bristol
    Bursar: Mr S Burnham BSc (Hons), Loughborough
    Deputy Head (Pastoral): Mr J Hallows BSc (Hons), Sheffield
    Deputy Head (Co-Curricular): Ms L Matthews BA, Hull
    Deputy Head (Academic): Mr D Brumby BSc (Hons), QTS Hull
    Director of Operations: Mr J EC Gregory NEBOSH
    Director of Staff Development: Mr T Finley BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham
    Director of Teaching & Learning: Mrs J Day BSc (Hons), Aston; PGCE, Nottingham
    Director of Academic Excellence: Dr H Johnson BA, Keele, D.Phil; Oxford
    Head of Sixth Form: Mr P Mayfield BA (Hons), Nottingham
    Head of Main School: Mr D Noble MA (Oxon), Oxford; PGCE, Oxford; MBA, Leicester; MA, Manchester
    Head of Lower School: Mr G Hope BA (Hons), York
    Head of The Elms: Mrs F Potter BA (Hons), Bedford College of Higher Education; PGCE, Lancaster
    Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Rimington

  • Boarding Houses

    Bates Housemistress: Mrs H Shaw
    Bates Assistant Housemistress: Miss R Sesay
    Bates Day Matron: Mrs J Carr
    Blake Housemaster: Dr N Holbrook
    Blake Assistant Housemaster: Mr J Snowdon
    Blake Day Matron: Mrs J Cook
    Martin Housemistress: Mrs Z Hawkins
    Martin Assistant Housemistress: Miss N Charsley
    Martin Day Matron: Mrs V Lane
    Shuker Housemaster: Mr J Omran
    Shuker Assistant Housemaster: Mr C Kelly
    Shuker Day Matron: Mrs J Carr

  • Teaching Staff


    Head of Department: Mrs K O’Hare BA, Chester
    Mr A Robinson BA, MA, Nottingham Trent
    Mrs V M Prince BA, Derby


    Head of Department: Mrs O Finlay BSc, University College London
    Acting Head of Department: Mrs L Crossley BSc (Hons), Manchester; PGCE, Didsbury Manchester; M.Ed, Nottingham
    Dr S Wastie BSc, PhD, Nottingham
    Miss R Sesay BSc, Cardiff; MSc, Leicester
    Mrs J Day BSc (Hons), Aston; PGCE, Nottingham
    Mrs N Birland BVMedSci (Hons), Nottingham; PGCE, Nottingham Trent

    Economics and Business

    Head of Department: Mrs E Bolu MA, Nottingham
    Dr N Holbrook BSc (Hons), Loughborough; MA Ed, Nottingham Trent; EdD, Nottingham Trent
    Mrs C E Welsby BA, Bradford
    Mr D King BA (Hons), Manchester


    Head of Department: Dr C Wakerley BSc, Nottingham; PhD, Lougborough
    Miss C E Alston BSc, Nottingham
    Mrs J Collen BSc (Hons), Nottingham
    Mrs L Blackwell BSc, MSc, QTS, Loughborough
    Mrs M Bisby
    Mr A Seal

    Classics and Latin

    Head of Department: Mrs C Applegate BA, Liverpool; MA, Nottingham

    Computer Science

    Head of Department: Mr S P Reynolds MSci, Nottingham
    Mr S Bradwell BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham Trent

    Design & Technology and Graphics

    Head of D&T: Mr J Prince BSc, Loughborough
    Miss C Etheridge BA (Hons), QTS, Sunderland
    Head of Graphics: Mr B J Ward BSc, Brunel


    Head of Department: Ms J Gleeson BA OU CIPS
    Mrs S Greatorex BA (Hons), Loughborough; MA Education, Derby
    Mr P Shorland BA, Derby
    Ms L Matthews BA, Hull
    Miss N Bogue BA (Hons), Birmingham; PGCE, Nottingham
    Mrs L E Fullwood BA, Sheffield
    Miss S McCann BA, Cambridge
    Mr R H Ayton BA (Hons), Liverpool; PGCE, Manchester
    Miss E Richards BA (Hons), PGCE, East Anglia; MA, Warwick
    Mr G Omissi BA (Hons), PGCE, Middlesex (maternity cover)

    English as a Second Language

    Mr J Davidson BSc, Cardiff; MSc, UCL; Dip., Imperial College
    Miss P A Braddow BA, Manchester

    Food and Nutrition

    Head of Food & Nutrition: Miss J Rigley BA, Loughborough
    Miss H Dickens BA, Sheffield Hallam; OTS


    Head of Department: Mrs E Nelson BSc, Nottingham
    Mr B Marsden BSc, Durham
    Mr C Rawles BSc, Reading
    Mr D R Hartley BSc, QTS, Birmingham

    History and Politics

    Head of Department: Dr H Johnson BA, Keele; D.Phil, Oxford
    Mr P S Mayfield BA, Nottingham
    Miss E A McKenzie BA (Ed), Rhodes
    Mr D Gervis BA (Hons), Southampton

    Learning Support

    Head of Department: Ms C Berry BA, Nottingham; MA SEN, Middlesex
    Miss E Baxter BA (Hons), MA, Leicester
    Mrs F Pickering


    Head of Department: Mr T Finley MA, Nottingham; PGCE, Nottingham
    Mrs D Sutton BSc, Manchester
    Mrs A C Sansom BSc, Birmingham
    Mrs J A Gale BEng, Leeds
    Dr R C Hansard BSc, PhD, Lancaster
    Mr A Tarry BEng, Loughborough
    Mr J Omran BSc, York
    Mr M Robson BA (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham
    Mr S Bradwell BSc (Hons), PGCE, Nottingham Trent
    Mr D Noble MA (Oxon), Oxford; PGCE, Oxford; MBA, Leicester; MA, Manchester
    Miss R Perry BA (Hons), Manchester
    Mr O Glass

    Modern Languages

    Head of Department: Mr K D Price BA, Cardiff
    Mrs S Hough BA (Hons), Nottingham
    Mr C K Kelly BA, Newcastle/Fukuoka
    Ms A Lebat
    Miss P A Braddow BA, Manchester
    Mrs S Billingham BA, Nottingham
    Mr W Penty BA (Hons), Bristol
    Mrs I Sinfield
    Mr A Winter BA (Hons), Southampton; PGCE, Warwick (maternity cover)


    Director of Music: Mr C Foster BA (Hons), Nottingham; PGCE, Nottingham Trent; PGCert, Sheffield
    Head of Academic Music – Mrs R Reynolds MA (Oxon), Oxford; QTS
    Teacher of Music – Miss T Robinson Plain- BMus (Hons), Bangor; PGCE, Manchester Metropolitan/Royal Northern College of Music

    Physical Education/Games

    Director of Sport: Mr R Mahony BSc (Hons), PGCE, Brunel
    Head of Department: Mrs A Brighton BSc, Portsmouth
    Head of Girls’ PE: Miss N Charsley MSc, Loughborough
    Head of Cricket: Mr S A Boswell BSc, Wolverhampton
    Head of Rugby: Mr S Houltham
    Head of Hockey: Mr I Randall BA (Hons), Staffordshire
    Head of Netball: Mrs G L Mayfield
    Mr G Hope BA, York
    Mr S D Wood BSc (Hons), Loughborough
    Mr A Benstead BA (Hons), Warwick
    Mrs K Benstead BA (Hons), Liverpool; PGCE, Loughborough


    Head of Department: Mr E Hayton BSc (Hons), Newcastle
    Mr N Hart BSc (Hons), University of London
    Mr J Snowdon BSc (Hons), Lancaster
    Mr D Powell BSc (Hons), Loughborough; PGCE, Leicester


    Head of Department: Mrs P Gandhi BA, US International University; MBA, Leicester
    Miss J Ball

    Religious Studies

    Head of Department: Mrs T Ford
    Mr G Butler BA, Bristol
    Reverend Dr B Randall MA, St Andrews; MSc, Edinburgh; BHd, Manchester; BA, CTG, Oxford

    Theatre Studies and Drama

    Director of Drama: Mrs D Ward BA, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
    Head of Department: Mrs J Gleeson BA (Hons), Open University
    Mrs N J Edwards BA, Warwick; MA, Lancaster
    Mrs E Day

    Library Services

    Head of Department: Ms C Scothern BA(Hons), Aberystwyth; MA, Sheffield
    Mrs C Williamson
    Wortley Centre Resources Manager: Mrs H Steans

  • Assistant Teaching Staff & Coaches

    Foreign Language Assistants

    Spanish: Mrs A Dorrego Carballas
    French: Miss Z Sanchez

    LAMDA Teachers

    ALAM (Acting): Mrs M McGlade
    Mrs E Berryman BA (Hons), Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama

    Music Teachers

    Piano – Miss V Bonham, BMus (Hons) (Birmingham Conservatoire) MMus (Guildhall School of Music and Drama) MPerf (Guildhall School of Music)
    Piano/Organ – Mr J Keys MA (Oxon), Oxford; LRAM, Royal Academy of Music; ARCM, Royal College of Music; HonFGCM, Guild of Church Musicians; 1re Prix de Virtuosité, Conservatoire de Genève
    Piano – Mrs B Toyka Grad (BA), Hochschule für Musik Köln; LRAM, Royal Academic of Music
    Piano – Mr G Vidovic MA (mult.), Hochschule für Musik Köln

    Flute – Mrs A Gillies-Loach GMus, Huddersfield; LTCL, Trinity College London; LRSM, Royal Schools of Music
    Oboe – Mrs W McDonald BA (Hons), Exeter
    Clarinet – Mr P Glenville BMus (Hons); PGDip, Royal College of Music
    Bassoon – Mrs J Mayne BMus (Hons); PGDip, Royal College of Music
    Saxophone – Ms L Ryder GMusRNCM (Hons), Royal Northern College of Music; ATCL, Trinity College London

    French Horn – Mr D Leeder LRAM, Royal Academy of Music; Cert. Ed.
    Trumpet/Cornet – Mr I Taylor BMus, Trinity College London
    Trombone/Tuba – Mr W Mee LRAM, Royal Academy of Music

    Violin/Viola – Mrs C Stanley GRNCM, Royal Northern College of Music; MMus, Michigan State University, USA
    Cello – Ms C Pascall BMus, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
    Cello/Double Bass/Harp – Mr P Skinner

    Percussion – Mrs H Shelton BA (Hons), Nottingham Trent; ALCM (TD), London College of Music

    Guitars – Mr D Golding LRSL, Rockshool
    Classical Guitar – Mr J Pagett BA (Hons), Leicester; AGSM, Guildhall School of Music; FISM, Incorporated Society of Musicians
    Guitars – Mr P Sprakes

    Voice – Dr S Grange BA (Hons), Manchester; LRAM, Royal Academy of Music; MA, Nottingham; PhD, Newburgh, USA
    Voice – Mr R Roddis BA (Hons), Exeter; LGSM, Guildhall School of Music
    Voice – Mrs S Taylor BSc (Hons), Nottingham; DipABRSM, Royal Schools of Music

  • Day House Contacts

    Cavendish House

    House Manager: Ms J Collen

    Hanbury House

    House Manager: Joe Snowdon

    Kemp House

    House Manager: Mr D Gervis

    Owen House

    House Manager: Mr S Bradwell

    Wright House

    House Manager: Ms R Sesay

  • Non Teaching Contacts

    Executive Assistant to the Head: Mrs K Blaylock
    PA to the Deputy Heads: Mrs Fuller
    Executive Assistant to the Bursar/Clerk to the Governors: Mrs M Clay
    HR Manager: Mrs M Daykin MSc, Napier
    Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Rimington
    Examinations Officer: Mrs G Holland
    Chaplain: Reverend Dr B Randall MA, St Andrews; MSc, Edinburgh; BHd, Manchester; BA, CTG, Oxford
    Hospitality and Lettings: Miss S Barnes
    Head of Careers: Mrs F Starbuck BA (Hons); PG Cert
    Medical Centre Sisters: Mrs L Curran RGN, Mrs G Myring RGN
    Lead School Counsellor: Mrs C Parfitt MA, Nottingham
    School Counsellor: Mr R Kettley
    Sports Administrator: Miss E Bower
    Music Administrator: Mrs G Richardson