Contact details for members of staff are available within the Parent Portal.

  • Senior Leadership Team

    Head: Mrs F Potter, BA (Hons), Bedford College of Higher Education; PGCE, Lancaster
    Deputy Head (Pastoral): Mrs L Deller, BA (Hons), PGCE
    Deputy Head (Academic): Mrs E Barclay
    Assistant Head (Juniors): Mrs C Lampon
    Assistant Head (EYFS & Infants): Mrs L Savage

  • Teaching Staff

    Reception Oak: Miss S Bikow, BA (Hons)
    Reception Pine: Miss S Brock
    Teaching Assistants: Miss A Woodward / Mrs L Day

    Year One
    1SB: Mrs S Barlow
    1KH: Mrs K Holmes, MA (Head of Maths-Infants)
    ​1SH: Mrs S Hands, BEd (Hons) (Head of English – Infants)
    Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Cumley / Mrs V Condon / Mr M Hankinson / Mrs L Clarke

    Year 2 
    2HS: Mrs H Sutton, BA (Hons)
    Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Davies / Mrs K Gregory / Miss L Fletcher

    Year 3 
    3EJ: Mr E Jolly, BA (Hons) (Head of PSHEE)
    3HG: Mrs H Gill, BSc
    3RA: Miss R Avison

    Year 4
    4EL: Mrs E Large, BEd (Hons) (Head of Science)
    4AK: Mrs A Kent, BSc (Hons) (Head of History)
    4ST: Mrs S Towndrow, BA (Hons) PGCE (Head of SMSC)

    Year 5 
    5AD: Mrs S Austen, BA (Hons) and Mrs L Davies, BA (Hons)
    5NB: Miss N Bennett, BA (Hons) (Head of MAT)
    5MW: Mr M Wood

    Year 6 
    6SA: Mr S Arrowsmith (Head of Geography)
    6SY: Mr S Young, MA, (Head of English-Juniors)
    6JB: Miss J Batten

    Specialist Teachers 
    Director of Music: Miss L Pattison, GRSM (Hons), PGCE
    Head of Learning Support: Mrs K Wadsley
    Learning Support Teacher: Mrs J Hancock
    Learning Support Teacher: Miss F Pickering
    Design Technology Subject Leader: Miss D Patel, PGCE, Nottingham Trent
    Science Specialist Teacher: Mrs S Throssell
    Head of Art: Miss L Rigley
    Head of Sport: Mrs C Penty
    Head of MFL: Mrs S Bratton, BA (Hons), PGCE
    Head of Drama: Mr C Mundy, BA (Hons), PGCE
    ​Head of Computing: Mr M Philpott, BA (Hons)
    Teacher of PE: Mr W Hinchsliff
    LAMDA Teacher: Mrs Coxon, B.Ed (Hons)

    Support / Cover Teachers
    Mrs J Hancock
    Mrs K Silveston-Lin
    ​Mrs C Young (Head of RE)

    Additional Teaching Assistants 
    SENCO Teaching Assistant; Mrs A Boot
    SENCO Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Astle
    ​SENCO Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Rees
    Art and Design Technology Technician: Mr A Campbell

    Mrs C Moore

  • Nursery & Pre-School

    Pre-School Leader: Mrs S Shakespeare
    Nursery Leader: Miss H Longmuir
    Deputy Pre-School Leader: Miss N Cope
    Deputy Nursery Leader: Mrs K Jeffries
    Caterpillars Room Leader: Mrs L Pettifor
    Butterflies Room Leader: Miss M Lane
    Nursery Administrator: Mrs S Croke

    Room Leader: Mrs L Pettifor
    Deputy: Mrs K Jeffries
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs A Adkin
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs T Bratby
    Nursery Nurse: Ms V Diaz
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs G Clifton
    Nursery Nurse: Ms E Davies
    Nursery Nurse: Ms A Mooney

    Room Leader: Miss M Lane
    Deputy: Mrs K Jeffries
    Nursery Nurse: Ms C Plummer
    Nursery Nurse: Ms G Reader
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs A Shepherd
    Nursery Nurse: Miss B Allen

    Room Leader: Mrs S Shakespeare
    Deputy: Miss N Cope
    Nursery Nurse: Miss C Shakespeare
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs T Burton
    Nursery Nurse: Miss S Jones
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs J Ickeringill
    Nursery Nurse: Miss N Collins
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs N Leatherland
    Nursery Nurse: Mrs S Langfield

  • Administration Team

    Head’s PA: Mrs P Frost
    Admissions Manager: Mrs H Grange, BA (Hons)
    Music Administrator: Miss M Godbeer
    Receptionist: Mrs J Wyatt
    Upper School Receptionist: Mrs S Stone
    Upper School Receptionist: Mrs C Buitendag
    Lower School Receptionist: Mrs S Christie
    Lower School Receptionist: Mrs L Broughton
    Nursery Administrator: Mrs S Croke
    Sport & Database Admin: Mrs P Stentiford