A balance between freedom and structure is essential for development. Your child will be encouraged to make their own choices and express themselves through independent play, while also benefitting from additional structure through planned activities and group learning.

Outdoor fun

The Nursery garden and outside play area provide lots of opportunity for outdoor fun in a safe environment. Group games and a variety of play equipment keep the children happy and active, from the Wendy house and parachute time to our special music wall.

hands on and imaginative activities

Our activity stations are designed to prompt imaginative play through the recreation of familiar settings, like a beach or Post Office. We change the stations frequently to maintain interest and the children love exploring each new set up with their friends.


Butterflies have their lunch together in the Nursery eating area. We provide all children with a healthy, hot lunch every day, made by our experienced catering staff. This routine helps to prepare the children for the more structured lunches they will have in Pre-School.


Our sensory room is a unique space that benefits all ages. Lights, sounds and toys create a stimulating sensory experience and the relaxing atmosphere makes it an ideal naptime area. This room is also used to help older children prepare for their transition to Pre-School.


The children love to explore the outdoors on a larger scale with daily walks in Trent College’s grounds

Nursery’s resident guinea pigs are a great way to teach the children the importance of responsibility.

The woodland within Trent College’s 45-acre campus offers an exciting new learning environment where children can discover nature.

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