Trent Schools

August 24, 2023


Mr Bill Penty, Head of Trent College, said, “We are proud of our pupils for their accomplishments in their GCSE courses. It is their hard work, determination, and personal achievements that we celebrate today. My warmest congratulations go to them all and my thanks go to our dedicated staff who continue to support and encourage our pupils in so many ways.”

“The Government has made it clear that grading has returned to the levels of 2019 and before, so I am pleased by how this year’s results bear such positive comparison with those.”

“Year 11 have achieved a higher percentage of entries awarded at grade 4 and above, and while those achieving the top grades are a decline on last year, they still compare well with pre-covid trends.”

“We look forward to welcoming our pupils back to Trent College next month when they will begin their studies in our vibrant Sixth Form.”