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private Tours

We are delighted that we can once again offer private tours of Trent College & The Elms. Contact us or complete our enquiry form to request a visit.


Virtual Tours

We know that making crucial decisions about the next steps for your child is complex at this time, and so we are focused on providing the most relevant information possible. Please get in touch so that we can send you tailored details, giving you the insight you need, including links to our library of online video content.


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All-inclusive fees

All elements of your child’s education are included in our fees. Unlike many independent schools, fees include: school lunches and teas, exam entry fees, term time fieldwork, textbooks up to Year 11, travel associated with school matches, and after school supervision.

The Elms Fees 2021-22 (PDF)
Trent College Fees 2021-22(PDF)

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We nurture talent in secondary education and Sixth Form through the Trent College scholarship programme. Scholarships recognise excellence and demonstrate to all pupils the heights they can aspire to. Our bespoke development plans enable scholars to reach their potential. Scholarships also offer 10% discount from day fees.

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Financial PLANNING

A first-class education is an investment in your child’s future. From Bursary Schemes to tailored payment plans, we aim to assist families in making Trent College and The Elms an affordable and accessible option.


Bus services

The Elms and Trent College offer an extensive range of bus routes across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire through our partnership with Skills of Nottingham.



Trent College provides overseas students with a truly British boarding school experience. Our diverse community consists of 18 different nationalities. We welcome applications directly from families and from our International Agents.


Service Families

Boarding at Trent College is a popular choice for  parents who are currently serving in the British Armed Forces or who are currently working for the Foreign Office. Find out more about the Captain Albert Ball scholarship which offers a 10% discount from Flexi, Weekly and Full Boarding options along with tuition fees.

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