Why Board?

Pupils can grow and thrive within our boarding community where first-class care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The boarding experience at Trent College offers a unique model of support, encouragement, flexibility and integration.


Boarding offers something different for every family and every student, but it always provides:

• Friendship, community, encouragement and support
• Independence, organisation and leadership
• A safe and secure home from home
• Extended access to teachers, resources and facilities
• Enjoyment from being part of a happy and welcoming community
• Opportunities for self-discovery

sixth form boy sat on a bed in a bedroom

Enhancing studies

Boarders benefit from access to school staff and facilities after the teaching day ends, as well as supervised homework sessions with duty tutors each evening. During exams, boarding houses follow a specific routine to accommodate revision and ensure a balance between work and down time.

Evening and Weekend Activities

Evenings are planned around homework commitments, with recent activities including swimming, baking, quizzes and a Chinese banquet. Weekend trips and activities are guided by the student voice, such as visits to London, theme parks, bowling and BBQs in the school grounds.




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“It’s nice to socialise with people in evenings instead of going home and not having anything to do.”


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“The variety of duty tutors all teach different subjects so I can always ask for help on my different subjects at prep.”


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“I like getting to meet new people and learning about different cultures from all around the world.”