Caring For Your Child

We are renowned for providing the highest level of care to every pupil. We believe that confident and resilient children are successful learners. Pupils start this journey in Reception through to Year 6 – ensuring we have open-minded and happy pupils who are ready to take the next step of their educational journey.


We give our children space, both mentally and physically, to develop and discover who they are and who they want to be. Planting strong roots, reaching up and growing, stretching out and flourishing; our children learn and grow in much the same way as the Elms trees for which our school is named. Much of this is possible for the same reason – being given room to fulfil their potential.

School values

The five school values are a guiding force within our community: kindness, respect, courage, honesty and appreciation. Pupils reflect these values every day in their school lives.


Being part of a school house gives pupils a sense of belonging and encourages children to make friends beyond their class and year group. House activities are a great opportunity for teamwork and healthy competition.

Joining us in receptioN

Children starting Reception are nurtured by expert Early Years teachers who ease the transition to school life.  Our dedicated Reception team begin to unlock the full potential of each child and help them build strong educational foundations.



Every child has the opportunity to become a school prefect in Year 6. Prefects have an integral role within the community and their duties include helping teachers in the playground and walking younger pupils to the dining hall.


The School Council fosters a sense of communal responsibility and encourages pupils to make their voices heard. Class representatives meet regularly to discuss all aspects of school life from the lunch menu to recycling policy.


All new pupils receive support from our Buddy Scheme when they first join the school. The role of a ‘buddy’ involves helping a new classmate transition smoothly into life at The Elms and many children volunteer for the scheme.


Parent Perspective

“When I drop my daughter off in the morning I feel like I’m dropping her off with extended family members, the teachers have such a caring nature.”


ISI Inspection Report 2021

The school achieves a seamless cultural harmony in which all pupils say they are equally recognised and valued. They exhibit a deep level of understanding, appreciation and respect for each other and for people from other countries with different beliefs.