The Sixth Form is the most exciting stage of your school career. For the first time, you have total control over which subjects you want to study and success in those subjects will determine the next stage of your career.

Helping you go further

Trent is proud to be among 17% of schools nationally awarded an above average rating for student progress from GCSE to A Level. With our track record for academic development, we will help you get the most out of your education.


Individual Academic Pathways

Every Sixth Form journey is unique. If you have the potential for straight A*s, we’ll help you get there whilst ensuring everyone achieves the best they are capable of. Our broad A Level curriculum can be tailored to your needs.  Find out more about our Balanced Curriculum.

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Inspirational Teaching

Our teachers are experts in their fields who are passionate about their subjects. Lessons combining interactive learning with real-world application bring education to life. We facilitate first-class teaching with modern classrooms and high quality facilities, creating a learning environment where students can flourish.


Scholarships at Year 12 are awarded to students with an excellent academic record at GCSE. Scholars will pursue breadth and depth in their academic study and develop and demonstrate the skills of an independent learner. Scholars lead their peers by example in the academic sphere, displaying an attitude in class, and towards their studies, which is exemplary.



Consistent Academic Success; 2022 Results:

80 %

Of our BTEC students achieved a Distinction or above (2022)

51 %

Entries at A* or A grades (2022)


Old Trident, Class of 2019

Achieved A, A, A at A Level

Studying Medicine at University

“The school really helped me to prepare for my medical exams and interviews, and the teachers made sure I achieved the grades needed to secure my place.”

Hannah motler

Old Trident, Class of 2019

Balanced a successful international modelling career alongside her A Level studies.

“All of my teachers have been amazing; they have been completely generous with their time helping me to balance my studies and my other commitments.”


Pupils’ attainment at A Level has been consistently high and significantly above national norms.