Mr Plenty

Mr Penty is an inspiring Head who provides outstanding leadership and management at Trent College.

Mr Penty

Head – Trent College

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Mrs Potter

Mrs Potter leads The Elms community with pride for her school and devotion to its pupils and staff.

Mrs Potter

Head – The Elms

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As Deputy Head Co-Curricular, Ms Matthews is at the heart of the well-rounded education provided at Trent College.

Ms Matthews

Deputy Head Co-Curricular – Trent College

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Mrs Barclay is the energy behind the innovative teaching that takes place in every classroom at The Elms.

Mrs Barclay

Deputy Head Academic – The Elms

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Mrs Deller is the Deputy Head Pastoral at The Elms, responsible for pupil wellbeing from the Nursery through to Year 6.

Mrs Deller

Deputy Head Pastoral – The Elms

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As Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Hallows oversees pupil care and development across the school.

Mr Hallows

Deputy Head Pastoral – Trent College

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Mr Gregory oversees all technical and logistical services at The Elms and Trent College, to ensure a fantastic learning environment for all pupils.

Mr Gregory

Director of Operations – Trent College and The Elms

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Responsible for the leadership of all academic aspects at Trent College is Mr Brumby,  Deputy Head – Academic.

Mr Brumby

Deputy Head Academic – Trent College

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Mrs Savage ensures our youngest pupils have the best possible start to their educational journey at The Elms.

Mrs Savage

Assistant Head of Early Years and Infants – The Elms

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As the Director of Sport, Mr Mahony manages and leads the renowned sports programme across the school.

Mr Mahony

Director of Sport – Trent College

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Mrs Hope has a varied role as Year 2 class teacher, year group PE teacher and Key Stage 1 Maths Lead.

Mrs Hope

Class Teacher – The Elms

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As Head of Careers, Fiona Starbuck is responsible for co-ordinating the careers provision for every pupil at Trent College.

Mrs Starbuck

Head of Careers – Trent College

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Mr Hayton is responsible for maintaining the high standards of Physics teaching in classrooms across the school.

Mr Hayton

Head of Physics – Trent College

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With 16 years of working in childcare Mrs Longmuir is well equipped with the knowledge and experience to support our Nursery pupils.

Mrs Longmuir

Nursery Leader – The Elms

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Mr Wood ensures pupils in Year 7 and 8 enjoy and flourish in all aspects of school life.

Mr Wood

Head of Lower School – Trent College

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Mr Mayfield is responsible for overseeing the achievements and progress of all students in Years 12 and 13.

Mr Mayfield

Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form – Trent College

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Miss Scothern champions reading across the year groups and co-ordinates an exciting programme of events as well as local and national initiatives.

Miss Scothern

Head of Library Services – Trent College

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Mrs Shakespeare aims to create a happy, stimulating environment for Pre-School children at The Elms.

Mrs Shakespeare

Pre-School Leader – The Elms

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Mrs Sherwood is a Reception class teacher as well as overseeing all teaching and learning of the EYFS curriculum.

Mrs Sherwood

Reception Teacher and EYFS Leader – The Elms

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Miss Brock is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of pupils in Year 1.

Miss Brock

Year 1 Class Teacher – The Elms

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As Head of Year 8 and the Subject Leader for Politics, Mr Setterington has a busy yet highly rewarding role within the school.

Mr Setterington

Head of Year 8 and Subject Leader for Politics – Trent College

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As Head of Chemistry, Dr Wakerley is responsible for the teaching and learning of Chemistry across Years 7 – 13.

Dr Wakerley

Head of Chemistry – Trent College

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Mr Prince is responsible for the academic teaching of Design and Technology for Years 7 – 13.

Mr Prince

Head of Design & Technology – Trent College

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Dr Holbrook takes on many roles, including Housemaster of the Blake boarding house, Head of PSHE as well an Officer in the CCF programme.

Dr Holbrook

Boarding Housemaster – Trent College

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Mrs Penty overseas and teaches the sports curriculum for children in Reception through to Year 6.

Mrs Penty

Director of Sport – The Elms

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Mrs Lampon is an experienced teacher at The Elms and provides seamless cover within the classrooms.

Mrs Lampon

Cover Teacher – The Elms

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Mrs Ward brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to her role as Director of Drama.

Mrs Ward

Director of Drama – Trent College

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Mr Boswell develops the school-wide cricket programme and increase participation and skills across the year groups.

Mr Boswell

Head of Cricket – Trent College

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Mrs Billingham brings the learning of languages to life for pupils in Pre-School through to Year 6 at The Elms.

Mrs Billingham

Subject specialist teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) – The Elms

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As Head of Art at The Elms, Miss Rigley oversees the Art lessons for Year 1 to Year 6 at The Elms.

Miss Rigley

Head of Art – The Elms

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Mrs O’Hare takes the lead in developing and nurturing artistic talent through specialist teaching from Year 7 through to Sixth Form.

Mrs O’Hare

Head of Art and Photography – Trent College

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