Caring Staff, Happy Children

We know that a child firstly must feel secure and happy in their environment to then grow in confidence and thrive.
We put the well-being of children at the core of all that we do.

A Child-led Approach

We embrace a child-led approach, from naps to playtime. Your child’s happiness is at the heart of the quality care we provide, which is why we focus on each child’s individual needs and allow them to develop at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

Nurturing Relationships

Every child who joins Nursery and Pre-School is assigned a dedicated key person who is responsible for fulfilling their needs. Your child’s key person will update you daily on your child’s progress and the new and exciting experiences they are having with us.

pre-school child receiving guidance from a teacher at The Elms nursery and pre-school

Being Known

High staff to children ratios guarantee that your child will benefit from close personal attention throughout the day. Giving our staff the time to get to know each child and form lasting bonds with them is essential to the nurturing care we provide.

ISI Inspection Report 2021

Children are clearly happy and contented in the setting. Their emotional development benefits from warm, reciprocal relationships with carers, especially their own key people.