Beyond the timetable

A top education extends far beyond exam board requirements. Life at Trent is about embracing new opportunities and becoming the best version of yourself.  We help our pupils uncover skills they never knew they had and to develop and excel where they show promise.

Discover our specialist areas

Alongside our academic focus, Music, Sport and Drama are specialist areas at Trent College and The Elms. At Trent, Scholarships  are available to students who excel in these fields. With our exceptional teachers, coaches and facilities students are given all the resources they require to go further in their pursuits.


Academic Enrichment

Our range of enrichment activities are a fun way for pupils to enhance their academic abilities outside of the classroom in the company of friends. Lunchtime clubs like Beginners Portuguese, Young Engineers and Coding Club provide opportunities for pupils to explore their academic interests further.



Clubs and Societies

At Trent College we are committed to providing a wide range of clubs, activities and societies as part of our co-curricular provision.  We have a busy timetable of activities and aim to provide something to suit the interests of every pupil.


community and charity ENGAGEMENT

Community is at the heart of Trent College. All pupils dedicate time to deserving causes inside and outside of school. Senior pupils support their younger peers in a variety of areas, for example reading, prep and clubs.  The school is proud of its charitable endeavours, which involve pupils and parents supporting several international, national or local worthy causes.  Pupils undertaking any of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards will also undertake voluntary work as part of the award.

Charities we support 


A female pupil riding a bike in the school sports kit.

Transferable Skills

The wide range of opportunities at every age gives Trent’s students the chance to develop transferable skills such as confidence, courage and self-esteem, as well as resilience, commitment, communication, cooperative working and independence.


Embark on challenging expeditions as you tackle the Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards.


Develop your self-reliance, resourcefulness and perseverance through our CCF from Year 10.

Co-Curricular Opportunities in 2022/23


Clubs available


Sport Clubs


Music clubs / ensembles

Josh Robinson

Achieved seven grade 9s, two 8s and a 7 at GCSE

“I think my success has been helped by finding something outside the classroom; for me that has been climbing, which has given me space. Debating has also been great for my confidence.”

Maddy Stentiford

Drama and Academic Scholar

“There is so much to do here, such as sport, drama and academic societies – you have everything you could ever want and there is always someone to support you in all areas.”

Parent Perspective

“The additional opportunities the children are exposed to at Trent are fantastic. Building leadership and team building skills through CCF, challenging their physical limits in adventure sports, and teaching them commitment through the DofE.

These opportunities are what makes CVs and university applications stand out; and what makes great friendships. Perhaps more importantly they are the reason our son got out of bed in the morning. An afternoon of adventure sports with Mr Baldwin trumped everything. The effort of Mr Baldwin went above and beyond and was greatly appreciated by us and our son.”

Mrs Owens, Parent of Old Trident (2021)

Ms Matthews, Deputy Head (Co-Curricular)

We believe that it is the broad-based nature and wide-ranging opportunities of our co-curricular offering which sets us apart from other schools. There really is something for everyone!