Room To Grow

We believe in providing the best quality care in an environment that’s right for your child. Our top-class facilities are divided into age-specific areas, where children at similar development stages can grow and learn together through play.

Baby Room

The baby room is a calm and cosy place where the youngest members of Nursery and Pre-School are cared for. Two activity rooms offer children a variety of entertainment, whilst our peaceful sleep room is somewhere for little ones to rest between play.




Toddler Room

Toddlers have space to explore with indoor and outdoor facilities, including a special sensory room. Free flow activity stations are modelled on real-world settings and will inspire your child through imaginative play. Our playground and garden are an ideal area for outdoor adventures and learning.



Outstanding Outdoor Space

The redevelopment of the Lower Elms outdoor space offers an exceptional environment where our children can develop and learn key skills or enjoy physical activity and imaginative play.






All ages frequently explore the wonderful, secure gardens on the school site.

Sensory Room

Calming lights and music combine to create a relaxation space where children can enjoy varied and stimulating sensory experiences.

Sleep Rooms

We accommodate individual sleep patterns with personal cots and nap facilities in our sleep room.


Children develop a love of reading with regular trips to The Elms library.

Outdoor Play

Each age group has their own dedicated outdoor space featuring age appropriate equipment and games.

Pre-School Children
Also Visit

Forest School

Pre-School can discover the wonders of nature and outdoor learning at our woodland Forest School.

Dining Hall

Visiting the main dining hall for lunch helps Pre-School prepare for the transition to Reception.

The staff at the Nursery are calm and professional and look after the children in their care in a loving and caring manner. The whole facility provides care in a safe and nurturing manner.