The Caterpillar space spans two main rooms, in addition to sleep and sensory rooms. One room accommodates our youngest children, the other is for those who are already walking and exploring. Children are only moved to a new room when they are ready.

Sensory room

Our unique Sensory Room offers an additional quiet space for all age groups. This special area uses lights, sounds and toys to enhance your child’s senses and provide a stimulating sensory experience. It can also serve as a cosy and calming place for children seeking some downtime.

Sleep room

We aim to accommodate your child’s home and sleep routines in any way we can. When it comes to nap time, children who need rest will enjoy the familiarity of their own personal cot as they settle down in the Nursery’s dedicated sleep room.


Caterpillar children love to explore the outdoors. We make the most of Trent College’s 45-acre campus with daily pushchair walks across the grounds. These regular trips give your child the opportunity to expand their worldview and build an enduring relationship with nature.

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