two schools, one passion

All musical facilities are based on-site within our extensive school campus. The separate music departments at Trent College and The Elms are brought together through the shared values of our two Music Directors and their passion for music.

Specialist Staff

We provide comprehensive support at each stage of the musical journey. Our music teachers encourage pupils to discover a passion for music. For aspiring musicians, there is opportunity to progress instrumental skills under the guidance of specialist staff through private tuition and a variety of school ensembles.


Success at the highest level

Both Trent College and The Elms have earned their reputations for excellent music provision from repeated success in regional and national competitions. Pupils flourish across a vast number of genres, from rock to jazz. Our success demonstrates the commitment and passion for music that exists across both schools.

Developing a passion and skill for life

We aim to nurture a love of music in each pupil. Music can lead to new friends, offer a valued outlet for stress and provide a life-long hobby. As musical talent develops, pupils also refine transferable skills, such as concentration, perseverance and hard work, that can enhance performance in school and beyond.

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