Preparing for an ever-changing world

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure pupils are building a skillset that complements the modern society we live in. As the world around us evolves, we must equip pupils with the knowledge to succeed in a future beyond our imagination.

Individual Pathways

Our pupils are as varied and unique as the interests they pursue. A balanced curriculum gives you the opportunity to explore a wide-range of subjects and discover your own educational pathway. Our latest ISI Report comments on how Trent pupils “attain high standards in response to the broad and vibrant curriculum”.


A Positive Education

Our commitment to pupil wellbeing is incorporated into all aspects of the education we provide. Positive Education in academic learning helps pupils to develop healthy thought processes and adopt an optimistic attitude towards challenges and disappointment.

Extended Study Time

Sufficient study time is essential for excellent exam results. We provide additional learning hours to all pupils through supervised prep sessions after school and Saturday School from Year 9 onwards.

Recent adaptations to the
curriculum have included

Computing Course

New Computer Science syllabus for Years 7 to 9 to prepare them for the coding elements at GCSE and A Level.

GCSE Psychology

We have introduced Psychology to our diverse curriculum as a GCSE option.


This is a recent addition to the curriculum from Year 7 and now with the option to study at GCSE.


“I think some people tend to think of independent schools as purely academically focussed but Trent College is so much more than that, and children are supported and celebrated in wherever their interests lie.”

Mrs O’Connor, Parent