care for every pupil

Trent College is committed to promoting the wellbeing of every child. Our Positive Education programme fosters strong character development, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude to school life. Nurturing the individual provides benefits in all areas of life and underpins strong academic performance.


Positive Education combines the best traditions of education with a commitment to promoting happiness and wellbeing.  Through the supportive pastoral dialogue with peers and staff, each child develops an appreciation of their unique combination of character strengths and develops his or her ability to effectively engage those strengths.  We believe it is important to help our pupils develop the tools and mindset to help them go further.

Personal, Social & Health Education

Learning to flourish is a fundamental part of our educational philosophy. Our unique PSHE programme is inspired by the principles of Positive Education and delivered as modules entitled Positive Me, Positive Choices, Positive Health and Positive Relationships.  Our specialist Wellbeing Team work with the Head of PSHE to shape the programme to ensure that pupils receive the latest insights to equip them with the skills to thrive and make positive choices.



Our small tutor groups provide exceptional support to every child in their journey towards high achievement and happiness.  At the heart of our provision is the reflective dialogue that encourages pupils to record their successes and challenges and identify their targets for the next stages.  The excellent Pupil Books are used by pupils to record reflections with their Tutor.  Merits for Positive Emotions, Positive Purpose and Positive Engagement are used freely and successes are celebrated in our regular assemblies.

network of support

There is a team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners around every child.  Most of the time they act as the springboard for success but every child on occasion needs the safety net of advice, understanding and guidance that they can offer. The Welfare Team around each child comprises their Tutor, Head of Year, Head of Tier, School Nurse, Counsellors, Learning Support Department and Pastoral Deputy Head.



Our close-knit school community is built on strong, trusting relationships.


We promote healthy lifestyles and active living.


Our pupils have a growth mindset, where challenge and change are embraced.

Mr Hallows, Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Our programme is built on the best of modern and traditional education philosophy but our pupils are still free to explore their unique and exciting potential through their school experience.