Finding your own path

We want every student to accomplish their unique goals. For some that means A* grades to study physics at Oxbridge; for others, securing a higher apprentice role in industry. Whatever your passion, our specialist teachers will help you excel.

Structure and Independence

A balance between providing structure and encouraging independence ensures students flourish. Our dedicated Sixth Form building, Wortley Centre, is a contemporary space where students can study and socialise. Well-equipped with extensive reference library, staff resource area and classrooms, students have the facilities they need to succeed.

Support Network

Every student has a personal tutor whose role is to guide and mentor you during your two-year journey through Sixth Form. Tutors are at the centre of Trent’s wider support network, which is designed to keep you on track to fulfil your goals.

sixth form boy sat on a bed in a bedroom

Boarding Community

Approximately 40% of students choose to enhance their Sixth Form experience by joining our thriving boarding community. Boarding house staff deliver round-the-clock support, from assisting with prep to nurturing personal development. Within our houses, life-long friendships are formed and memories made.

Roles of Responsibility

We strongly believe leaders are not born, they are made. Sixth Form leadership roles, such as Head of School and Prefect, promote valuable life skills including independence, work ethic, resourcefulness and decision-making. Responsibility empowers students, boosting self-confidence and changing their perception of what they can achieve.


Old Trident

Studying a degree level Apprenticeship in Chartered Surveying

“It is the teacher support here that has helped me achieve my goals, I’m never nervous to go to them, they are always there for us.”


Old Trident

Achieved A*, A, B at A Level

Also gained an A grade in the EPQ

“The support I’ve had from teachers has really helped me discover what I’m good at and to develop as a person, my confidence has gone through the roof!”

Mr Hallows, Deputy Head (Pastoral)

The journey is punctuated with significant milestones and rapid personal and intellectual development. Our programme and dedicated team ensure that students explore their potential and make the most of the many opportunities for growth.