Scholars at Trent College play an essential role in the school community.  In order to reach their full potential, we mentor and guide scholars, supported by department heads and tutors, and provide a bespoke development plan.

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Scholars lead by example

Trent College Scholars make a strong contribution to, and participate fully in, school life. Showing a wholehearted commitment to their school, they are ambassadors for Trent, both inside and outside the classroom. Scholars maintain an excellent performance in their field and in their studies, leading by example in order to inspire and motivate others.

Full details of assessment dates, criteria and how to apply will be made available on application.

Types of Scholarships:

  • Academic

    Academic scholars will pursue breadth and depth in their academic study, and develop and demonstrate the skills of an independent learner. Scholars lead their peers by example in the academic sphere, displaying an attitude in class, and towards their studies, which is exemplary.

    Involving themselves in extra-curricular cerebral activities, guided by the Director of Academic Excellence and Heads of Department, they take a full and active role in all areas of school life.

    Academic scholars will benefit from a diverse and challenging programme of academic enrichment, including competitive debating, engaging with visiting speakers, bespoke trips and subject-specific contests. Sixth Form scholars will be expected to take a lead role in running academic extra-curricular societies, as well planning and delivering events for younger pupils. They will be supported in applying for the most competitive universities and further education courses.

    Academic scholarships are available on entry into Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 to the highest performing candidates in our entrance assessments. Scholarships for Year 12 entry are awarded to students who do particularly well at interview, and achieve a minimum of eight GCSEs at Grade 7, 8, 9 (A* to A), with at least 4 being 8-9/A* grades.

  • Art

    Art scholars will make an extended contribution to the high standards achieved in the Art Department, studying the subject up to at least GCSE standard, and developing an extended personal study of work through extra-curricular opportunities and in their own time. Scholars in Sixth Form are expected to study Art at A-level. All scholars should aim for a consistently high level, demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for their work.

    For Art scholars, interest and ability is nurtured beyond the normal academic workload and centres on individual attention and motivation. Scholars will have the opportunity to contribute to the presentation of artwork around the school, design invitations and programmes for school events and assist the departmental teaching staff by helping with workshops and discussing school art initiatives.

    Art scholarships are available on entry into Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 based on a pupil’s portfolio of work and an individual assessment.

  • Choral

    Choral scholarships present a fantastic opportunity for young people with a flair for singing. Choristers of Schola Cantorum need to be wholly committed to choir rehearsals, performances and services, including some Sundays. In return, they receive free vocal tuition, opportunities to sing with prominent professionals and the chance to perform in significant venues in Britain and beyond.

    Choral scholarships are available to boys and girls on entry into Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 with experience of choral singing or a strong potential to develop in this area.

  • Drama

    Drama scholars will be at the top of their peer group and demonstrate significant ability as stage performers, or technicians, with the enthusiasm, initiative, imagination and dedication needed to inspire and motivate others.

    Scholars must lead by example, and be an active, visible part of the Drama community at school. Scholars will study the subject to at least GCSE standard, continue to achieve high grades in curriculum Drama and participate in a range of productions through performance, design or as a technician or stage manager. Scholars who are focused on the performance aspect of Drama will be encouraged to audition for recognised local drama groups such as Talent 1st or TV Workshop, and will be fully supported in their preparation for these.

    Drama scholarships are available on entry into Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 to those we deem highly able and talented in the performing arts. The scholarship assessments will include a group workshop and an individual monologue.

  • Music

    Music is a key part of life at Trent and we offer a vast array of opportunities for musicians to flourish, compete and perform. Scholars will have the opportunity to play as soloists and in ensembles, as a key part of performances, productions and shows, often being awarded positions of authority within these. Music scholars will be fully supported in their commitment to progress on their main instrument for the duration of their time at the school, receiving free instrumental tuition and bespoke guidance in their personal development.

    Music scholarships are available on entry into Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Pupils applying for a music scholarship will be asked to play their instrument and given sight-reading and aural tests. A good performing standard is expected on the main instrument – this equates to at least Grade 4 for pupils joining Year 7, at least Grade 6 for pupils joining Year 9 and at least Grade 8 for pupils joining Year 12. Scholars will be expected to continue with Music as an academic subject up to at least GCSE level.

  • Sports

    Sport scholars will sit right at the top of their year group in terms of sporting excellence, demonstrate leadership potential and be a role model to other students. Scholars will have the opportunity to work closely with the Sports Department through commitment to the Physical Education programme, curricular sport and extra-curricular fixtures and sporting activities programmes.

    They will benefit from a tailored programme, designed and delivered by the Director of Sport and the Sports Scholarship Co-ordinator. This includes pro-active tracking of physical development, group and individual conditioning, access to specialist physiotherapy and guidance on performance lifestyle management.

    Within school, scholars will participate in the school’s major team sports until at least the end of Year 11, and be ambassadors for Trent at all times. Additionally, they will be aiming for selection for age-relevant representative and development pathways at (at least) county or regional level, and will be fully supported in their preparation for these trials.

    ‘Performance’ Sport scholarships are available on entry into Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 based on an assessment of a pupil’s proven track record in two or more of the performance sports.

    ‘Sport’ scholarships are available on entry into Year 12 based on an assessment of a pupil’s proven track record in one of the performance sports.

    Performance sports at Trent College are Hockey, Rugby, and Cricket for boys, and Tennis, Netball and Hockey for girls. We appreciate that children may be heavily committed to other sports, and this is to be actively encouraged, but for an application for scholarship, children must excel in our listed performance sports.