Trent Schools

June 5, 2024

Miss Short, our new Head of Tennis

A graduate in Coaching and Sports Science from Nottingham Trent University, Miss Short’s journey in tennis began when she was Tennis Captain during her school years. Following her graduation from university, she has developed her coaching skills during an eight-year tenure as Head of Prep Sport at Wellingborough School, nurturing young talents and sharing her love for tennis with others.

Now at Trent College, Miss Short’s vision for the future of tennis is clear – to enter as many teams as possible to compete in National Finals, all while supporting engagement and dedication to the sport from Year 7 to 13. This determined goal highlights her commitment to not only developing skilled players but also instilling a lifelong passion for tennis.

Competing at the Highest Level

The competitive spirit runs throughout tennis at Trent College and The Elms, with our girls aiming for victory in the Aberdare Cup and our boys in the Glanville Cup. Last year’s success in reaching the National Finals, showcases the dedication and talent within our school, providing hope for similar success this year.

An amazing element within our tennis programme is the prestigious Road to Wimbledon Competition, offering our pupils the opportunity to showcase their talents on the world-renowned courts of Wimbledon. With both singles and doubles formats in play, our pupils are motivated by the vision of sharing the same stage as their tennis idols.

With three players from The Elms ranking in the Top 20 in the UK, Miss Short eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome them to Trent College, further enriching our tennis community and allowing us to reach even greater heights.

Developing Future Stars

At Trent College, we pride ourselves on providing our pupils with an environment for them to academically succeed whilst pursuing their sporting dreams. In addition to our in-house coaching, we offer pupils specialised training sessions led by Callum Chivers, Director of Project Ten Tennis Academy and Head Coach of Nottingham Trent University Tennis.

As the season continues to progress, the tennis courts at Trent College provide the perfect opportunity for our pupils to exceed their abilities. With the guidance of Miss Short and a network of other support, the future of tennis at Trent College looks promising.