Trent Schools

September 14, 2023

The journey to the final saw the team progressing through nine rounds spanning two academic years, where they emerged as a force to be reckoned with. But it was their performance in the semi-final against Sedbergh that was truly spectacular with a convincing win by 10 wickets.  

In the final, our pupils displayed exceptional skills and sportsmanship, giving their all on the field. Though they secured second place, the sense of pride and admiration within our school community is immeasurable. We celebrate not only their accomplishments but also the journey they undertook to reach this pinnacle of school cricket. 

Drew Ottewell, the captain of our U15 cricket team, summed up the experience: “The National Cup run has been an amazing experience, which I know all of the lads have enjoyed. The way we have played throughout the competition as a team has been excellent.”  

Mr Scott Boswell, Head of Cricket at Trent College, shared his perspective, “This is an exceptional achievement by a fantastic hard-working group of cricketers to be ranked 2nd in the country. The team must be very proud of their achievements on and off the field. They have been a credit to coach and develop over the last few years.” 

As we look back on this incredible journey, we’re reminded of the values that sports instil in our pupils and the character strengths they develop, such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance and a commitment to excellence. Our U15 cricket team embodies these values, and their journey to the National Cup final is not just a story of sporting success; it’s a story of personal growth for them all.  

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