Full Boarding

Full boarders stay seven nights a week and return home for exeat and holidays.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarders normally return home after commitments on a Friday or Saturday.

Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding includes a stay of three or four nights a week.

choose the right option for you

  • Full Boarding

    Full boarders stay all week and enjoy all that our school community has to offer and are given the support and care to excel. We believe in the importance of enabling our full boarders to explore and appreciate the exceptional culture, heritage and history of the area as a valuable part of their educational experience.  Whilst there is protected study time every school day, we have an unrivalled programme of trips that are included in the fees which are carefully chosen to promote friendship and wellbeing whilst helping the boarders to really appreciate this special part of the UK.

    Boarders stay in school during the term and return home for exeats and holidays. With permissions in place, boarders also have the opportunity to leave the campus to visit friends and family.

  • Weekly Boarding

    Weekly boarders stay for five or six nights a week and return home after school commitments on a Friday or Saturday, receiving the same level of support, care and opportunity as full boarders. Weekly boarding is a popular choice for families who like to ensure their child can take full advantage of the educational and co-curricular activities available throughout the week and return home to be with their family and friends at the weekend. Boarders can choose to opt in to weekend stays and activities where space is available.



  • Flexi Boarding

    Flexi boarding means a regular stay of three or four nights a week. A number of families choose this option to help cut down on ‘the school run’, alongside taking advantage of evening activities held at school. Flexi boarders receive the same level of care and support as everyone in the House and will have their own room (sometimes a shared twin room) where they can leave their possessions throughout the week.


All-inclusive fees

We keep our fees transparent and aim to include all elements of your child’s education in the fee so that you are aware of the total cost. All fees include a mid-day meal for day pupils and all meals for boarders. Full boarding fees also cover one music lesson per week, all boarding activities and excursions and up to four lessons of English as an Additional Language (EAL) tuition per week as required.

A summary of our fees is available to downloaded as a PDF. If you have any questions about fees please contact us.