A Friendly Community

Our boarding community is one of togetherness where pupils feel a sense of belonging where they can develop new skills and interests and build friendships that last well beyond their school years. As a result our boarding pupils develop supportive relationships between themselves and the dedicated staff who support them.

Four Houses, One home

Our flourishing boarding community centres around children from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. Children from Years 7 to 13 board in four separate Houses. Each of our Boarding Houses are relaxing and comfortable spaces, with kitchen facilities for making snacks, sociable common room areas, and single and twin bedrooms. Each House has an exceptional team of staff with a shared commitment to support each pupil to achieve their potential in a safe and supportive homely environment.

Shuker and Bates

Our dedicated Main School Boarding Houses are Shuker House for boys and Bates House for girls aged between 11 to 16 years old.

These Houses provide a structured homely environment for younger pupils.

Blake and Martin

For our Sixth Form boarders, boys live in Blake House and girls in Martin House. Each House is located in a separate area of the campus.

These Houses foster a sense of independence to help prepare pupils for life after Year 13.

Our boarding houses are situated across campus. View our interactive 360° map to view the inside of each House.


Resident House Staff

Each House has a team of highly qualified professionals who are resident in the House. A Housemaster or Housemistress is responsible for the management of each House alongside their Assistant. A Matron oversees the welfare of all boarders, and Duty Tutors provide academic support and guidance in the evening. There is always an adult presence in each House and boarders are aware, at all times of the day, who is responsible for them.

  • Shuker House

    Shuker House is for boys aged 11 to 16 years old.

    Trust and respect form the ethos of Shuker House. Shuker House prides itself in its House spirit where boarders come from all over the world and from different backgrounds, but one thing is common and that is that they are all proud to be part of Shuker House and to wear the Shuker House tie. Shuker is a safe, respectful and caring environment which supports every pupil to achieve to the best of their ability in all aspects of school life.

    Mr Reynolds is the Housemaster for Shuker,

    “I am delighted you are choosing to board and Shuker will be your home. Whether you are a science whizz, athlete, musician or budding actor, we are here to help you in getting the most our of the opportunities available to you. Work hard, grasp every opportunity and have fun – you will make friends and memories, which will last a lifetime.”

  • Bates House

    Bates House is for girls ages 11 to 16 years old.

    Bates House is a caring, happy, homely environment where the well-being and happiness of the girls is at the heart of everything they do. Girls are inspired to develop their unique talents and gifts, whilst developing a ‘can do’ attitude or ‘Bates Girls Can’ mantra. In Bates girls are encouraged to challenge themselves, to be adventurous and embrace all that school life has to offer.

    Mrs and Mrs Houltham are Houseparents of Bates,

    “We aim to create an environment where every girl can feel a sense of belonging and be as ‘at home’ as possible. We strongly believe that at Trent College you can fulfil your potential and excel. Within the House we feel it is always important to be kind, considerate and fair and to treat people how you wish to be treated yourself. We embrace individuality and value the gifts and talents of everyone.”

  • Blake House

    Blake House is for boys aged 16 to 18 years old

    Blake House is diverse in every sense of the word, and you are certain to meet like-minded people and strike up lasting and enduring friendships. ‘The Team Works’ is the motto of Blake House – a simple phrase that reminds everyone that their actions impact on the lives of others. Blake boarders strive for more and encourage each other to operate at the very top level in all that they do. As a happy and flourishing community Blake gentlemen are encouraged to work hard and play hard. This not only applies to the Blake boarders but all the House staff and tutor team who will support you to be your best.

    The House is run by Dr Holbrook as Housemaster,

    “Being Housemaster of Blake House is a great privilege and I will give my all to ensure you flourish. Blake boarders are a fiercely proud group of gentlemen who relish being part of this House and everything it represents. The outstanding House staff that support you will do everything we need to to ensure that Blake is a happy and flourishing community.”

  • Martin House

    Martin House is for girls aged 16 to 18 years old.

    Martin girls recognise the House as a ‘home from home’, they work hard, play hard and make friends for life. Martin House team encourage the girls to make the most of the endless opportunities available to them at Trent College. All girls are encouraged to develop their independence and grow in confidence, responsibility and compassion. Respect, trust and communication are the foundations stone of Martin House, making it a special place to make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Mrs Hawkins is Housemistress

    “I became Housemistress for Martin in September 2019 and could not have hoped for a more rewarding and enjoyable job! Martin House is a welcoming and happy house. It is a real pleasure playing a part in supporting such wonderful young women through their final two years at Trent College.”

What Our Boarders Say

speech marks

I have enjoyed boarding from my very first night and couldn’t imagine life at school without it.


Year 13

speech marks

My bedroom is a comforting safe space for me. I love my friends in boarding, we are like a family.


Year 13

speech marks

I love boarding because it gives you lots of opportunities to make lots of friends.


Year 8