Trent Schools

June 30, 2023

Affiliations and Networks

Trent College enjoys strong relationships with prominent clubs and head coaches of national teams, enabling pupils to access incredible opportunities. These affiliations play a crucial role in creating pathways for pupils to excel in their respective sports.  

The school regularly nominates students for the Independent School Lambs Rugby team, allowing them to compete at a representative level. This year, Andrew Charlish in Year 13 was identified as a promising candidate by Mr Mahony, Director of Sport. After a rigorous selection process, Andrew secured a spot in the prestigious team destined for a tournament in South Africa. Andrew’s selection not only reflects his talent but also highlights the instrumental role played by Trent College in his journey. 

“The opportunity to play for the Lambs touring side in South Africa in July 2023 means a lot to myself, my family and all the coaches that have helped me develop as a player over the years. It is especially meaningful as I received an injury to my knee earlier this year which meant that I had to have an operation to get back to full fitness, in time to be fit to go on tour. Being bed bound and told not to walk where possible for the first 3 weeks, I found it challenging to persevere. However, with the help of the rehab and facilities at Trent College, it supported me to get back to full fitness quicker” explains Andrew.   

Nurturing Sporting Careers

Trent College serves as a springboard for aspiring athletes, providing dedicated coaches who nurture and prepare pupils for successful sporting careers. Andrew emphasises how the school facilitated his development, offering additional training sessions during lunchtimes and after school to focus on gym work and individual skills such as kicking. Moreover, Mr Houltham, the Head of Rugby, provided one-on-one sessions to improve Andrew’s technique and address specific areas for development. Surrounded by talented teammates, Andrew thrived in the supportive community and expanded his skill set in new roles within the team, gaining vital attributes necessary for success. 

Next Steps for Andrew

Andrew’s journey at Trent College culminates with the completion of his A Levels and an offer to study Sport Design at Loughborough University. This opportunity allows him to continue honing his academic pursuits while furthering his passion for rugby.  

The school wishes Andrew the very best for his upcoming tour with the Lambs and his future endeavours. As he joins the Trent College’s alumni community, he follows in the footsteps of numerous successful sportsmen and women from a wide range of disciplines. 

Interested in joining our school?

To find out more about joining our thriving school community that provides exceptional opportunities for all pupils, book onto our upcoming Open Morning on Saturday 7 October.   

The Admissions and Sports team will be on hand to explain our scholarship programme where rising stars further their sporting performance alongside an excellent academic offering and excellent pastoral support.