Trent Schools

June 30, 2023

Freddie, a former pupil of Trent College (2011-2018) was an exceptional Cadet during his time at school, with aspirations of joining the British Army.  He graduated from the University of Birmingham in summer 2021, with a degree in Geography and that September entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After completing a year at RMAS, Freddie went on to Phase 2 training at the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales, from where he was commissioned into the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, in January 2023.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my year at the Academy and since arriving at the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards I’ve been super lucky to have been involved in a number of amazing opportunities. I was deployed to Jamaica for 6 weeks on a jungle warfare exercise, I have conducted the King’s Guard Mount at Buckingham Palace, and was involved in HM the King’s Coronation in May.”

“But the most notable of all the opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have been given so far is my involvement in Trooping the Colour for the King’s Birthday Parade”.

“I am incredibly proud to have been selected as the King’s Ensign and to carry the Welsh Guards King’s Colour and such an honour to represent Trent College”.

The preparation was intense, not only in preparing for the parade which included a review before HRH The Prince of Wales, on what was one of the hottest days of June, but also in conducting interviews, including one with Huw Edwards for the BBC, during which Freddie spoke about his experience so far and reflected on his time at Trent.

“It really has been a surreal couple of months, and I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I am doing, especially after having it as an aspiration for so long”.

“I honestly believe that the foundations I learnt at Trent have served me well throughout my career so far and I will always have fond memories of my time at school, especially those with the CCF which ultimately set me on my path toward the British Army. Hats off to Mr McIntyre!!  He served as such a great role model for those of us that wanted to join the Armed Forces during our time at school”.

Reflecting on his experience during the King’s Coronation, Second Lieutenant FWV Hopkisson told us “It was a fantastic day, one that I feel extremely proud to have been involved in.”

Freddie’s role on the day of the Coronation was to act as Media Liaison Officer for the Welsh Guards, which allowed him ‘free reign’ to move about the parade.

“We followed not only the Welsh Guards but all the Footguard Battalions throughout London, including the train journey from Farnborough to London Waterloo, the March to and from the Abbey, and even onto the South Lawn of Buckingham Palace for the three cheers for HM the King.”

“The sheer scale of the day and all the build-up that went towards it is still something that has me in awe.”

Freddie is looking forward to visiting Trent College to share his Armed Forces experience so far, inspiring the next generation of Cadets.