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June 15, 2023

Small Class Sizes and Supportive Teachers Help pupils discover their passions

Our tutors play a key role in supporting pupils as they develop and learn new skills and interests, Sapira thinks her teachers might have picked up on her passion for art before she even realized it herself. During Year 9 Sapira spent two terms living in Malaysia, it was during that time that she was exposed to a whole new world of art that she had never experienced before. The culture differences really opened her eyes to the possibilities of what she could create. It was a defining moment that confirmed her desire to pursue a creative path in life. As a way for her to express her creativity she spent extra time creating artwork in her sketchbooks. Her teachers noticed her investment in art and supported her to pursue this.

“I’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of help from my teachers, especially in the arts department. As a pupil, I have had the privilege of interacting with several teachers over the years, but the art department has always held a special place in my heart – each one of them has left a lasting impression on me. From my very first art class to my most recent one, I can confidently say that the art teachers are the most memorable bunch.”

At Trent College, small class sizes enable our teachers to get to know each pupil to ensure they receive support and guidance to help them pursue their passions as Sapira explains, “I appreciate how open and friendly my teachers are. I’m never afraid to start a conversation with them and share what’s going on in my life. They create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing their interests and exploring different opportunities. Thanks to their help, I have been able to identify my passion and work towards achieving my goals.”

Nurturing Career Aspirations: a Supportive Approach from Year 7 to Post-16

To support students progress into the career that is right for them, selecting the right course from the outset is key, which is why at Trent College pupils begin considering their career paths from Year 7. From discussions on selecting the right GCSEs and A Levels, or which post-16 route is best suited to them, to guidance on their UCAS personal statement and mock interviews – pupils feel supported and fully informed in their choices and next steps

As Sapira entered Year 12 she was aware that she wanted to study fashion and intentionally kept an open mind about her options. “The Careers team were really supportive throughout the whole process helping me choose courses and universities before completing my UCAS application. Although I didn’t initially apply to the Jimmy Choo Academy (JCA), I came across it three months after submitting my UCAS application. A series of events and one-to-one support that JCA offered encouraged her to submit a direct application and to her surprise and delight she was accepted onto the BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Accessories degree course.

“I am a student with an open mind about my future career, but I am really interested in becoming a creative director. I think there is a misconception in fashion that if you study fashion design, you automatically become a runway designer, but that’s not the case. I recently learned that a creative director holds that role and is the one I am interested in pursuing. The course I will study is a three-year course that has a strong focus on design elements and operating in a business world, which I find really exciting. I am also interested in the business-oriented modules offered by the course. While I would love to work for a fashion house initially, my ultimate goal is to become an entrepreneur.

“I can’t wait to start my university course in fashion! I feel incredibly grateful to have been accepted because it showed me that they value my motivations for pursuing fashion and not just my artistic ability. It’s such a competitive industry and it can be tough to break into, so I’m feeling incredibly lucky and excited to have this opportunity.”

Building Independence and Life Skills: The Benefits of Boarding

As a boarding pupil Sapira feels she has many of the skills she will need as an independent student. Our senior boarding community is a home away from home, but it also offers greater opportunities for independence and learning new life skills. From taking more responsibility for their schedules to understanding how to live harmoniously with others, boarding pupils build strong foundations for a successful future at university and beyond. Sapira has enjoyed being a boarder at Trent College and said “I really love boarding, both in Main School and Sixth Form, for me it’s the best part of being here.”

By providing a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, the school helps boarders settle into their new home. Sapira has boarded at Trent College since Year 9 and explained:

“As a student who has experienced boarding, I can say that I was initially very nervous about it. However, I spoke to some of my friends who were already boarding and they assured me that it wasn’t just about going to school and sleeping at school. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize and have fun during free time.
When I first started boarding, I did feel homesick quite a bit, but as there were older pupils in the boarding House they helped distract me. Seeing my peers and friends every day has become such a normal part of life that it’s strange when we’re apart, even during the holidays. I miss boarding, especially the feeling of coming back to my room which is like a second home to me. It’s my safe space where I feel comfortable and secure. I also miss my friends who would often come to my room to hangout with me.

One of the things I really enjoy about boarding is the social events. We have had some really fun parties and annual balls. We also have quizzes and games that involve the entire boarding House as well as sports competitions between different Houses. Overall, I have had a really positive experience with boarding and would definitely recommend it to others – it really is like a big sleep over with your friends and has given me a taste of what it’s like to be responsible for myself, and I feel more prepared for the challenges that come with independent living.”

For children and their families who are considering applying to Trent College, Sapira shares this advice:

“As someone who’s been at Trent College for a while now, my advice to new pupils would be to come with an open mind and be accepting of the fact that you might have different goals in the future. Trent College is a great place to help you get closer to those goals because of the fantastic facilities and friendly staff who are always there to support you. The community here is really easy to approach, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Overall, I think Trent College is a great place to grow and learn and I’m really grateful for the experiences I’ve had here.”

For Sapira’s parents they are extremely grateful for the individual support Sapira has received:

“We are extremely proud of Sapira and thankful for the individualised support she has received while at Trent College. The school’s safe and supportive environment has truly helped her flourish, become independent and excel in both her academics and application to the Jimmy Choo Academy. Choosing Trent College was a good decision for us. The school welcomed her from the outset as an international student and the supportive and secure environment gave us peace of mind while she was boarding. The school also provided the level of education we were looking for.”

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Full boarding at Trent College, on the Nottingham and Derby boarder, is available from Year 7 to 13 and offers something unique to every family. To discuss how boarding could benefit your family and to arrange a personal tour, contact our admissions team.