Trent Schools

February 7, 2023


Pastoral care relates to the physical and emotional welfare of our pupils and ensuring that their wellbeing and developmental needs are fulfilled.  At Trent College, we are committed to creating a support team where each child receives the encouragement, challenge, and supportive environment that they need to flourish and to accomplish their own unique goals.


Pastoral support needs vary for each individual and at different stages of their educational journey. During their time at Trent, every pupil benefits from a team around them who helps, supports, and guides them on their educational journey. By carefully understanding the diverse needs of each individual, we tailor the support around them, and enable them to flourish.

Having joined Trent College in 2020, Simon Koroiyadi (class of 2022), had always aspired to play rugby at a high level whilst pursuing his academic interests in engineering. By studying at Trent College, Simon was been able to study A Levels in Maths, Physics, and Design and Technology whilst playing professional rugby, first for Leicester Tigers and then being selected for England u19s. As a result of this success, Simon needed to carefully balance his rugby training alongside his academic studies and has greatly benefitted from our commitment to pastoral care.


Throughout their time at Trent College, students will build supportive relationships with key members of staff ranging from their Tutors, subject Teachers and Coaches. As a boarding student Simon said:

“Dr Holbrook, my Housemaster helped me balance my studies with all the rugby training I was doing at school and at Leicester Tigers, because sometimes I had to miss lessons or evening prep. Dr Holbrook would allow me to go and work in his class which really helped me to stay focused and get my work done.”

Through regular engagement with our pupils, we understand their needs and aspirations. Consequently, subject tutors help pupils develop deep self-knowledge about where their strengths lie and areas for development. For Simon, his Design and Technology Teacher and Old Trident, Mr Brookes, had inspired him:

“He [Mr Brookes] shared with me about his time at school and what he did to help him get through because he was also a rugby player and worked hard to get his A Levels. We had some great conversations about rugby.”

For Simon, having additional one-to-one training sessions in his free periods with his rugby coach Mr Houltham, allowed him to build on his fitness. In addition, Simon added that both Mr Houltham and Dr Holbrook often sent him positive and inspirational messages which helped him to stay motivated as he progressed towards his goals. Having a team of supportive staff who understand each pupil allows them to excel.


Living on campus as a boarder gave Simon extended access to staff, resources and facilities enabling him to balance his academic studies and rugby training. Being part of a vibrant boarding community provided Simon with extra support from his peers and he commented:

“Being in boarding really helped me to build some close friendships and their support was great. I really enjoyed mixing with the whole of the boarding community. I made friends with lots of people, not just in my year groups, but with some younger pupils too.”

For Simon’s parents they were extremely appreciative of the support provided to Simon:

“We are forever grateful to Trent College for giving our son the opportunity to study and take part in sports too. A special mention to Mr Houltham for scouting Simon and seeing his potential, allowing him to become a Sports scholar. This opportunity helped Simon to achieve his goals in his rugby career. Also, to all the teachers involved who supported him with his academics as he was away training most of the time due to the level of rugby he took part in. 

We would recommend Trent College to other parents any day. If you have aspiring athletic or academic children, Trent is the best place for them. The enormous support we received for our son was incredible. It’s well rounded from academics, sports, mental health and well-being. And as a boarder, his housemaster kept us in the loop of his whereabouts and kept us updated of what was going on in the boarding house. Very easy to communicate and we’ve always felt our son was in a safe environment which gave us peace of mind. As an armed forces family, we are very appreciative.”

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