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December 20, 2022

Recognising the talent and motivation of each pupil allows us to explore new possibilities and create opportunities for them to flourish. Having progressed from The Elms to join Trent College, current Year 10 pupil Isobel not only has aspirations to become a doctor, but is also a keen sportsperson enjoying playing netball, hockey and recently winning the U16s Welsh Girls National Championships in golf.


Rather than expecting our pupils to fit a predefined mould, we encourage them to explore a wide range of opportunities to discover new possibilities and broaden their aspirations.

Each child benefits from the support of an individual Tutor and small tutor groups. A pupil’s Tutor will work with the child to support them in self-reflection, to focus on their successes and challenges, and to identify their targets to move forward to the next stage of achievement.

Tutors and specialist subject teachers work together to help identify where a pupil excels and where they need additional guidance or tailored support. Year 10 pupil Isobel explains, “A few of my teachers know that I want to be a doctor, so they have helped me with the sciences that I need to take. Using the school’s Unifrog career website has also helped me to understand what I need to do to pursue this.”

“Teachers here always seem to know and understand what you need help with, I never really have to ask. They help and support me and encourage me to pursue the things I like and enjoy. I think you get so much support in all lessons, that it makes you enjoy those, even if you’re not good at the subject. And so, if you’re not the best, or you’re not really exceeding, they help you to do that.”


At Trent College, we offer scholarships for academia, music, art, choral, sport and drama. Scholarships are awarded to recognise excellence and potential for development, and Scholars are provided with bespoke development plans to help them to reach their full potential.

Scholars’ development plans include a wide range of specialist support including coaching, mentoring, trips, leadership opportunities and specialist activities all designed to stretch and increase their skills and knowledge.

Excelling in netball, hockey and her academic studies, Isobel is both a sport and an academic scholar. As part of her academic scholarship, Isobel is undertaking the Academic Diploma.

The Diploma is an exciting opportunity for pupils to showcase their breadth of skills and receive additional recognition for their co-curricular achievements and contributions, both inside and outside of school. Pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible with their ideas and to record their achievements and accomplishments.

So far Isobel has completed the Carnegie Book Challenge, carried out an art research paper and a piece of art inspired by another artist, and been a part of the winning team for the Trent Young Apprentice business course.


Trent College sports tutors recognise Isobel’s skill and commitment to sport and proactively encourage her to play at local and regional level.

She has captained both the school netball and hockey teams, trained with Loughborough Lightning netball team, and she now plays for Nottingham City Netball Club and Beeston Hockey Club.

As a keen golfer, Isobel has captained the junior county team at Erewash Golf Club and is actively supported by the school to enable her to play for Wales, where she recently won the U16s Welsh Girls National Championships.


Being part of a vibrant school has allowed Isobel to balance her academic and sporting activities. “It can seem crazy how much they [the teachers] allow you to do, many people say to me “wow, you do so much” but, the timetables are really well thought out, which allows you to do many different activities and to be good at everything,” comments Isobel.

“I think if you are interested in your child doing well, and having such great opportunities, Trent College allows you to do anything you want. Even if it is not one of the sports or the subjects that are taught in school, there’s always teachers that allow you to have lessons outside of school or they might even help you personally.  I think it’s a great school to come to.”

For Isobel’s parents, they have been extremely pleased with the opportunities and support provided by the school as her father explains, “The school has given Isobel a wide range of opportunities across all aspects of school life both academic and sporting. She has thrived in this environment, and this has allowed her to make the best of her abilities.”

“The school has also been very supportive in allowing her to participate in both golf training events and competitions, allowing her to make significant progress culminating in her playing in the Under 18 home internationals this year.”

“Trent College is a wonderful school. Isobel is the third child I have sent there, and I can strongly recommend it. The school allows pupils to develop and achieve in a friendly caring environment.”

To find out more about joining our thriving school community, contact our friendly admissions team.