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January 31, 2020

From September 2020, Trent College is introducing a new subject option for Sixth Formers to enhance their post 16 education with specialist, employment related learning. We are excited to offer our students the choice of a Level 3 Business BTEC alongside the existing portfolio of 21 A Levels and a Sport BTEC in order to provide a wider range of pathways for pupils during this important stage of their education.

BTEC Success

The Business BTEC is expected to follow in the successful footsteps of Trent’s Sport BTEC which has established itself as a popular choice within the Sixth Form. The course consistently produces excellent results with many pupils achieving top-level distinctions across the modules as well as propelling students into careers inspired by their passions.

Benefits of studying a BTEC

  • At Trent College, pupils can study a BTEC alongside A Levels. This mix of course options allows for enhanced flexibility and greater focus on areas of personal interest.
  • Similarly, to A Levels, UCAS points are accredited to BTECs enabling pupils to progress onto University, if desired.
  • A BTEC combines theory with practical learning enabling pupils to directly apply their new knowledge in hands-on scenarios.
  • The development of specialist subject knowledge and real-world skills act as a springboard to progression on learning and career paths.

What Business BTEC involves

Pupils will delve into the fast-paced world of business, learning about topics, situations and activities that provide a realistic insight into the workplace. Mandatory modules will provide a solid understanding into the essential functions of a business, whilst optional units allows pupils to enhance their knowledge in areas of interest, these may include; digital marketing, marketing research or recruitment.

The qualification will be possible as a single or a double award, equal to one or two A Levels – depending on the number of units taken. The number of external examinations vary for each award, but both options do feature internal assignments spread throughout the course. For pupils looking to go further with their education, the UCAS Tariff allocates points to post-16 qualifications such as BTECs based upon a grading scale.

Supporting studies

An education at Trent College adds an extra dimension to each and every subject option. From the dedicated Careers & Higher Education Centre where expert advice builds strong foundations for the future, to enrichment opportunities where pupils are inspired to flourish beyond the classroom.


“We are very excited to now be offering the Business BTEC in addition to our A-Level option. It will be well suited to individuals who are looking for a course that is hands-on and practical – experiencing regular contact with real business owners will be very inspiring!”

Doug King, Head of Business Studies.



BTECs introduce pupils to a variety of practical skills and experiences. The Business BTEC will develop a range of transferable skills including, report writing, presentations and financial management which are highly sort after by employers.

Upon completion of the Business BTEC pupils will be well equipped with an overview of the vast range of options available in the commercial world, allowing them to confidently identify areas of interest to pursue, either at university, through a Higher Apprenticeship or through employment.

Join us in September 2020

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next step in your educational journey. To get a better understanding of the independent education provided at Trent College, we recommend families arrange a personal tour to see the school in action – book your place on the Sixth Form Tour Morning 29th February.