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November 4, 2021

  • The Trent U18 Girls’ National Indoor Hockey Champions.

Collaboration is at the heart of sport, both on and off the pitch. Our sports department works closely with key organisations to ensure pupils have the opportunities to maximise their potential in any sport,” Richard explained. “Building links and partnerships with organisations is essential for providing pupils with access to a high level of performance and a variety of pathways.

Beeston Hockey Club

With their men and women’s first teams securing a historic double cup win last season, Beeston Hockey Club (the Bees) are the pinnacle of professional hockey in England. More than 60 pupils from Trent College currently represent the club, from the junior teams to the men’s and women’s first teams. Members of staff and Old Tridents also play for the Bees at various levels. The Men’s 1st XI coach, Mr Wood, is also Head of Lower School and a hockey coach at the school.

These connections are testament to a whole school commitment to sport and the passion it fuels among our pupils,” Richard said. “By forging mutually beneficial partnerships that facilitate development opportunities and sporting experiences, schools can get the best performances out of young sporting talent.

record for success

Providing talented players with opportunities to develop is an area where Trent College excels and the school has earned a reputation for sporting excellence. This has been recognised by School Sports Magazine who awarded the school 12th place within the 2020 Top Sport Schools’ list.

The 3Ps philosophy

The ambitious school sports programme that drives this success is built on a philosophy Richard calls the 3 Ps:

  • Participation
  • Progression
  • Performance

The multi-tier programme ensures that every pupil receives support according to their abilities and has a clear development pathway. With an adapted version of the programme also in action at Trent College’s junior school The Elms, pupils benefit from this tailored approach from as young as five.

Local partnerships

Our relationship with Beeston Hockey Club is a brilliant example of a partnership that allows our pupils to access a higher level of performance, which in turn benefits our outcomes at Trent College. We have forged relationships with partner organisations in all of our Performance sports to ensure our most skilled athletes receive the highest levels of support.” Richard said.

Notable sporting organisations that the school presently works with include:

Trent College also has connections with local universities, including Loughborough University, the best university in the world for sports-related studies according to QS World University Rankings, and Derby University, where pupils with national credentials can access an elite training programme called TASS.

Every relationship is a chance to expand the specialist support available to our pupils and help them go further in sport.

With a sporting reputation spanning more than 150 years, sporting success is in the very foundations that Trent College was built on. Find out more about the first-class sports provision at Trent College and its junior school The Elms here.

 Mr Mahony

Director of Sport, Trent College 

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Trent College are proud sponsors of the Beeston Hockey Club 1st team kit.