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February 8, 2019

To further support pupils on their sporting endeavours Trent College has been a satellite school for the TASS Potential Project – led by the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme – since September 2017. The initiative began when the invitation was extended from Derby University, who had recently been awarded the status of a TASS Potential Project Delivery Partner.

With the partnership now in its second academic year, we take a look back at what our students have been involved in.

What is the TASS Programme?The TASS Programme is aimed at athletes in education (16 years +) who may be considering a dual career encompassing sport. It is designed to help them fulfil their potential in the sporting world and academic career – without having to compromise on either.

What sports are included?Sport England selected 20 different summer and winter Olympic sports for the programme to focus on which currently only receive a small amount of funding.

Trent College selected six students from Year 11 – 13 for the initial cohort onto the programme in the sports of rowing, women’s hockey, judo, triathlon, speed skating and women’s football. The second year of the programme has progressed to also include students from swimming and netball.

In order to be accepted onto the programme pupils already needed to be performing at the highest level, have received international honours in their selected sports or be part of a professional academy.

How have the pupils benefited? The TASS Potential Project programme supplements the coaching provided by the Trent College sports departments. Workshops have included:

Strength and Conditioning:
Testing sessions to demonstrate the progression of athletes from start to finish.
Six themed practical workshops to improve fundamental movement qualities.

Covering topics such as sleep, time management, coping with stress and anti-doping.

Interactive workshops investigating meal choices to fuel training and aid recovery as well as practical food preparation in the food labs.

An insight into maintaining a healthy body e.g. foam rolling and developing every day habits.

Focussing on goal setting and mental preparation.

Wrap up/next steps:
Understanding the next steps and how to be involved with the TASS Potential Project going forward.

Alex in Year 13 who joined the programme for triathlon, comments; “the strength and conditioning sessions were varied and allowed me to work on each element of my sport and the psychology lecture showed me how to balance everyday life with all the training that I do”.

Each programme runs over two terms with delivery at both Derby University and Trent College in order to reduce the impact on the students’ current studies. Upon completion, students can continue with the programme which is what Jamie in Year 11 chose to do; “The programme has proved invaluable to me as it helped support my judo. As part of the England Judo squad, I have been able to develop my training with Derby University. The strength and conditioning sessions and psychology lectures were particularly useful and helped me focus on specific aspects of my sport. On the back of the TASS programme, I have been fortunate to be selected in the Derbyshire Institute of Sport and I have received continued support at the University, as I train with England Judo.”



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