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February 1, 2019

This report gives a clear indication of how a school can help their pupils achieve high personal progress, regardless of their starting point. A progress score is calculated based on comparing all pupils nationally like-for-like with those at a similar academic level at the end of key stage 4 (GCSE), to how they then performed in their A Levels. The progress of all pupils at a school are then combined to produce a progress score for the school.

The progress score of 0.23 positions Trent College within the top 5 schools and colleges in Derbyshire for post 16 pupil progress, as well as ranking ahead of the vast majority of the other independent schools in the region.

For Trent College, the result does not come as a surprise as the Head, Mr Penty, explains, “The school prides itself on its ability to take pupils from whatever starting point they are at and helping them to achieve their personal best through excellent individual support and teaching.”

Producing strong academic results is a testament to keeping students highly engaged both within the classroom and also beyond it. Academic enrichment opportunities such as dedicated academic activities including debating and specialist university preparation (Oxbridge, Medicine for example) are just some of the additional opportunities available at Trent.

Mr Penty also comments, “We add even more ‘invisible value’ through the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities that our pupils have, both academic and otherwise. This is another real differentiator for us.”

A pupil and her mum look at her A Level results with happy faces.

Two pupils celebrate their A Level results in the careers centre

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