Trent Schools

November 10, 2020

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

Every lesson at The Elms aims to answer a fundamental question – what skills and knowledge do our pupils need to succeed in today’s society? We believe that relevance should be at the heart of education, from Nursery through to Year 6, and it is one of the reasons we don’t do SATs.

The resourcefulness, independence and adaptability that Elms pupils are known for is not achieved while cramming for SATs, but through opportunities to grow from real-life experiences that take learning beyond the classroom.

The Elms’ Leadership Programme is key to the development of these transferable skills. Equipping pupils with a broad skillset is essential in preparing them for achievement throughout the whole school journey.

This year our Elms leaders will face new challenges through the programme with two exciting projects, unique to our school community. The ‘Elms Wild’ project and The Elms Endeavour Award will give pupils the chance to give something back to their school and local community, and most importantly to contribute to a crucial global initiative.

As with all areas of education at The Elms during this current time, COVID-19 measures in line with government guidance will be in place to prioritise pupil safety.

The ‘Elms Wild’ Project

What is involved? Led by children in Year 5 and members of our school Eco-Council, Elms Wild will challenge pupils to work together to plan a biodiverse garden within our 45-acre school campus. Pupils have been asked to come up with design ideas for the garden and what should be in it – anything from a vegetable patch to a bug hotel!

How will pupils go further? Pupils can look forward to developing a variety of skills. Experience in gardening, through planting and sustaining the area over time, but also transferable skills such as designing, building and budgeting.

The Elms’ Endeavour Award

What is involved? In Year 6, pupils have the valuable opportunity to get involved in our bespoke Endeavour Award. Seeing pupils at our senior school Trent College develop and succeed through participation in the popular Duke of Edinburgh Award got us thinking about ways that children in primary education could benefit from a similar achievement-based award. The Endeavour Award consists of four sections:

  • Community (e.g. contributing to a local community event)
  • Personal Development (e.g. becoming a ‘learning buddy’)
  • Skills Development (e.g. learning six new life skills)
  • Knowledge and Enquiry (e.g. contributing and evidencing contribution to a school project)

With seven tasks in each section, pupils must successfully complete a broad range of challenges to earn the award. There are three different levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

How will pupils go further? Following the award’s first year, Elms parents have praised the award for the positive skills their children developed, including greater responsibility, improved organisation and other key skills.

Pupil feedback has also been incredibly positive with many of our children commenting on how they challenged themselves beyond their initial goal and how satisfying it has been to initiate acts of kindness for other people or their local community.

Elsie, our Deputy Head Girl, said, “Being at the Elms has helped me to believe in myself and achieve things I never thought I could. We are given so many opportunities and so much encouragement that it feels like almost anything is possible.”

Admissions for September 2021 are now open.  Learn more about the leadership culture at The Elms and how we help our pupils go further by contacting Admissions on 0115 849 49 40 to find out more and to access our new Virtual Tour.