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November 15, 2022

Throughout the Trent College community, we understand the importance of balancing pupil wellbeing, academic success and embarking on opportunities beyond the classroom. Becoming a boarding pupil takes this to the next level as children experience the routine and structure needed to maximise their classroom performance and co-curricular passions, whilst developing the skills and independence required to become self-sufficient young adults.

A healthy focus on academics
Staying within the inspiring school campus after hours helps to keep pupils in the right frame of mind for their evening studies. After dinner, evenings are centred around supervised prep sessions with experienced teaching staff on hand to offer guidance. Extended access to facilities enables boarders to benefit from additional learning resources such as the music practice rooms and the art department.

Mr Houltham, Houseparent of Bates House, inspires his boarders to challenge themselves, be adventurous and embrace the opportunities school life has to offer, he said: “We are here to help boarders go further and support them in every way we can. We strongly believe that all pupils can fulfil their potential. Anything is possible and within your reach if you work hard and believe in yourself!”

Maximising social experiences
The Trent College boarding community is fun and active! With the organisation of events and activities taken care of, boarders can focus on enjoying the experience and making memories. During the week, evening activities with peers of a similar age can vary from team sports to crafts or relaxed movie nights. At the weekend, the Boarding Houses come together for social events and exciting trips to local attractions such as theme parks, cinemas and go karting!

Italian boarding student Martina said: “As an international boarder of over four years, I have been able to immerse myself in the full experience. For me and many other students, boarding has allowed me to branch out from my current friendship groups and create relationships with a wide range of people. Boarding never fails to provide us with a wide range of activities throughout the week, packed with socials, gatherings and fun events. Having a fixed prep time allows me to complete my work efficiently whilst still allowing me to have free time. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far and I am saddened to think this is my last year, I have truly found a home in Trent College boarding, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

24/7 care
Each Boarding House feels like a family. The excellent pastoral care of the school extends into the Boarding Houses through the dedicated team of staff. Houseparents and Assistant Houseparents live within the Houses to ensure a stable adult presence and to provide care and support at any time of the day. Additional guidance, a listening ear and a helping hand is provided by the matrons and duty tutors as well as fellow pupils.

Mr Kelly, Housemaster of Shuker, explains the ethos that runs through the boys’ House: “Shuker House prides itself on its House spirit – our students come from all over the world and from different backgrounds, but one thing remains certain; we are proud to be a part of Shuker House and to wear the Shuker tie. Shuker House is a safe, respectful and caring environment enabling you to achieve to the best of your ability in all aspects of school life. Whether you are a science whizz, athlete, musician or budding actor, we are here to help you in getting the most out of the opportunities available to you.”

Each Boarding House has positions of leaderships available for boarders to apply for. A Head of House is a prestigious title within the community and this role is supported by others which vary depending on the needs of the House, examples include; a student leadership team, social prefects and international representatives.

British Year 13 student Ben, is Head of House for Blake House, he said: “Being Head of House means I organise, plan and lead the House to enable everyone to enjoy a balance of academic and social activities. I have a group of committee members who support me and this really helps with the mindset of the House – we lead by example and encourage participation in House activities and the wider boarding community activities.

“As Head of House it’s important for me to be an intermediary between the boys and the House staff, boys need to feel they can talk to me and I will help or seek assistance on anything they need support with.

“Personally, holding this leadership role has given me the skills that I can transfer to other areas of my life and to carry forward with me, such as organisation, communication and delegation.

“I really enjoy boarding, I started as a flexi boarder in Year 12 and became a weekly boarder in Year 13. Boarding has created time for me, time I didn’t know I could find, and that helps me with my academic study and extra-curricular activities. I have time to go to the gym, time to participate in fun activities, pursue my interests outside of school (I play basketball) and keep on top of my prep. The structured evening prep sessions are really helpful and there’s always someone on hand to help with anything I need. The evening duty tutors are varied and offer that additional level of advice and support. There are always activities for us to get involved in and that really helps to bring members of the House together. No two evenings are ever the same!”

A new perspective on relationships
Full boarders join Trent College from a range of countries and backgrounds. This creates a fantastic atmosphere within the Houses as well as enabling boarders the opportunity to strengthen their social skills and enhance their appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

Whilst it is only natural for parents to be concerned about creating a distance between themselves and their children, we have found it has the opposite effect! Families have found themselves closer with stronger connections, more meaningful conversations, and a greater appreciation of quality time together.

Preparation for adulthood
Our senior boarding community is a home away from home, but it also offers greater opportunities for independence and learning new life skills. From taking more responsibility for their schedules to understanding how to live harmoniously with others, boarders build strong foundations for a successful future at university and beyond.

Find out more
Full boarding at Trent College, on the Nottingham and Derby boarder, is available from Year 7 to 13 and offers something unique to every family. To discuss how boarding could benefit your family and to arrange a personal tour, contact our admissions team.