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 a boarding option for every family

Modern-day boarding is about helping pupils become the best they can be through first-class care. Our flexible boarding programme is designed to meet the unique needs of every pupil and every family. Whether you choose flexi, weekly or full boarding, your child will benefit from living and learning in a supportive environment where they can develop the skills and knowledge they need for a future filled with possibilities.


Small class sizes nurture pupils to become well-rounded and confident learners, who consistently achieve exam success.

skills for life

Our vast enrichment programme helps our pupils to uncover skills they never knew they had and excel where they show promise.

Care for every pupil

Rather than expecting our pupils to fit a mould, we champion the individual and their unique abilities and personalities.

150 Years of Pupil Success

Trent College is known for its modern outlook and traditional foundations. With a rich heritage dating back to 1868, we are a well-established school with a reputation for providing an exceptional, all-round education. We are proud to have a longstanding history of supporting families in the forces with their educational needs.

Captain Albert Ball Scholarship

Captain Albert Ball was Britain’s highest scoring profile fighter pilot during the First World War and a former student at Trent College.  In honour of his service we are proud to offer a scholarship in his name. This scholarship offers a 10% discount from Flexi, Weekly and Full Boarding options along with tuition fees, to parents who are currently serving in the British Armed Forces or who are currently working for the Foreign Office. Together with the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) this makes Trent College a competitive option for military families.

Band of the Grenadier Guards

The standout event of 2019 was a visit from the oldest band in the British Army, the famous Band of the Grenadier Guards. The Band delivered an outstanding concert to the wider school community and several Trent musicians had the once in a lifetime experience of performing alongside them. The Band’s drum major and drill sergeant also put the school CCF’s corps of drums through their paces with a drill session on the Terrace.


A successful education is all about balance. Our individual approach and combination of academic stretch and support in the classroom enable every pupil to reach their potential. We promote a healthy balance between work and play in the boarding houses with pupils benefiting from supervised homework time as well as an exciting Boarders’ Activity Programme.

CCF students in the school grounds

Combined Cadet Forces

Trent College believes passionately in the value of learning experiences outside the classroom and a thriving CCF programme is a fundamental contributor. All Year 10 pupils participate in the programme with a number of cadets continuing their CCF journey into Year 11 and Sixth Form.

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2019 CCF Highlights

Senior RAF cadets in Years 11, 12 and 13 had the opportunity to take control of an aircraft.

Every cadet from Year 10 to 13 benefited from field training exercises across the Midlands.

RAF cadets earned a respectable 12th place in the regional heats of the Royal Air Squadron Trophy.