Trent Schools

March 24, 2021

  • School girl sat at a desk, holding a paintbrush and painting a picture

We are all born with a desire and instinctive need to create – we can draw before we can talk – and it is only the busyness of life and perhaps the knocks we face as we get older that interferes and causes blocks in our creativity.

In the words of Picasso: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”

In Art we provide children with:

• as many creative opportunities as possible
• a space where they feel safe to express themselves freely
• an outlet to explore their imagination

Lessons need to be a combination of fun and learning; the most important thing being to help the children discover the joy of making art that is relevant to them.

In Art, our over-riding goal is to produce confident, expressive children with a life-long love of art.

mastering Techniques

It is important to devote time to the fundamentals of art, practising to develop a sound understanding of:

• drawing
• painting
• colour
• mark-making

But, of equal importance is the offer of opportunities to explore more advanced techniques such as:

• screen-printing
• silk painting
• wet-felting

Our pupils love being introduced to a new technique and the extra challenge it provides is key to progression.

Tackling larger scale projects enables children to learn patience and perseverance and they also learn to stay focused for longer periods of time – a valuable skill in any classroom!

A Diverse Perspective

Offering the chance to learn about the art world itself and the history that surrounds the classroom topics is also really important.

It is vital to introduce the children to a mixture of:

• traditional art
• contemporary artists
• cultures

Diversity of art and knowledge of art history is important to:

• broaden pupils’ perspectives of what art looks like
• develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of art
• make wider connections with the world around them
• learn the importance of other points of view

Through this we help to create young people who embrace diversity and respect others.

A Balanced Curriculum

The importance of Art in the curriculum should never be underestimated. Fortunately, here at The Elms, Art holds a strong academic standing within the curriculum. It has a huge range of benefits for children of all ages and is crucial in providing a balanced and happy learning environment, alongside the other creative arts of:

• music
• dance
• drama
• design

Research has shown that spending time on the creative arts, which provide opportunities for varied and multisensory learning, has proven benefits for children. These include:

academic performance (specifically maths and literacy)
• building character
wellbeing and positive mental health

There is a bravery involved in creating that is too often overlooked; pupils need to be encouraged to experiment and invest emotion into their artwork. Similarly, sharing work with classmates requires an openness to constructive criticism, a skill that is essential in all aspects of school life and beyond.

Looking Forward

Where Art education has really come into its own over the past year, is providing children with the chance to ‘switch off’ from the pressures of life, as well as from computer screens. Hopefully this is something that many more children and adults alike will continue with.

Miss Rigley concludes:

“It has been so wonderful to see the children’s happy faces as they have returned to The Art Room. They are so excited to be able to reconnect with each other and are really looking forward to the different art projects we have planned. Studies of African Art and Pop Art await Year 6 and 5 respectively, whilst Year 3 will focus on Matisse and Year 4 will study landscapes. Printing, photography, tie-dying and wet-felting are just some of the techniques they will have the chance to experiment with before the end of the year. Welcome back everyone!”

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