Deposit Donation

  • By returning this form, the Development & Alumni Relations Office will follow your instructions to make a gift of your acceptance deposit to the Trent Foundation. The balance of the deposit is determined after all your child's fees and charges have been applied to your account. If the Development Office does not receive the completed form, then any balance of your deposit will automatically be refunded to you.
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  • Pledge Deposit

  • I confirm that I would like to gift part or all of my acceptance deposit to the Trent Foundation in support of the bursary fund, in line with the instructions below:
  • To confirm and authorise your deposit please enter your full name below.
  • Trent Foundation is a division of Trent College, a company registered in England No. 32983 Charity No 527180 Trent College, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4AD. Tel: 0115 849 4949 Head Mr Bill Penty BA
  • Deposits to be returned will be issued in the Michaelmas term.