Our pupils have a life ahead of them that remains in the imagination; many will do jobs that do not yet exist using technologies that have not yet been developed; they will be moving in a society whose frontiers, both physical and mental, will have moved. The simple delivery of a body of knowledge is no longer enough, and the pupils of today need to learn the skills that will allow them to operate in this brave new world.

We encourage our pupils to aim as high as they can, to be inquisitive, confident, and ambitious; at the same time, we urge them not to fear failure and to see challenge and adversity as opportunities, not obstacles.

All this we do both in the classroom but also through the richness and diversity of school life that lies beyond.

One of the fundamental strengths of Trent College is that it is undoubtedly an environment where academic excellence and educational fulfilment are given the highest priority. One of my key responsibilities is to make sure that the best teaching brings about the highest quality of learning across all subjects, leading ultimately to outcomes in public examinations that are as strong as they can be for each individual. However, this must not be done exclusively and at the expense of all the other things that form part of a meaningful all-round education.

This website can only give a flavour of what Trent College has to offer. Do please visit the School to speak to me, the staff and, most importantly, the pupils. They are great company and it is they who best exemplify our values and character; I am sure they would love to tell you about all that is possible here.

Bill Penty BA
Head of Trent College

Mr Bill Penty, Head of Trent College

“We encourage our pupils to aim as high as they can, to be inquisitive, confident, and ambitious.”