Trent Schools

March 30, 2020

The relationship between wellbeing and reading for pleasure has been well documented. Many health concerns show significant improvement when correlated against an increase in reading, among these are reductions in stress levels as well as the symptoms of depression 

In addition to the health benefits, there are many social advantages which the whole family can experience. Reading naturally enhances our own understanding of our identity which leads onto improved empathy, relationships and an overall better insight into the perspectives of others.  

Miss Scothern has compiled some top tips to get the whole family on-board and igniting their passion for reading:  

Time to read together

Set some designated time in your day away from screens, phones and other distractions. It doesn’t have to be for a long time. 30 minutes would be ideal. Obviously longer if you’re enjoying yourselves! It doesn’t have to be a book. Try a newspaper or magazine. If everyone is reading then it is more likely that everyone will be engaged. 

Family Book Chat

Have a chat together about what each other is reading. Some discussion points could be finding out what is happening in each other’s story. Who is your favourite character? What do you think is going to happen next? How is the book making you feel? If you could meet the author what would you ask them about the book? 


Audiobooks can be a great tool to utilise alongside reading. Listening to a book brings the story to life and strengthens essential skills such as active listening and concentration.

Read aloud to your kids

As children get older we tend to do this less and less. However there is evidence that children aged 6-17 said ‘being read to is something they either loved or liked a lot’. Not only is it an enjoyable thing to do, it can help with vocabulary and their understanding of the story. Why not take it in turns reading aloud to each other as a family too.  

Have fun with books

Book charades and the Book Character post it game are two easy games that you can play together as a family. The pupil Book Club at Trent love playing these!