Trent Schools

February 25, 2022

Mia receiving her Certificate of Achievement.

Mia is in her second year at the University of Liverpool, studying International Business. She is thrilled to have just been awarded a Certificate of Achievement for her academic progress “Thrilled is an understatement. Being recognised for academic achievement is just amazing!”

Her plans to study in Liverpool didn’t quite work out for her in 2019 “Going to the University of Liverpool was the only option for me. I was blown away with it on the Open Day and fell in love with the City, so my only goal leading up to A-Levels was making sure I got in!”

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out for Mia on Results Day. She didn’t want to take the option of her second choice, so decided to take a gap year, have her exams re-marked and apply again to Liverpool for the following academic year.

“Although my gap year wasn’t planned, I soon began saving up to enable me to go travelling for a few months (or so I thought)! From September 2019 to February 2020, I worked 9-5 in the family business, getting some valuable hands-on business experience, while still working evening and weekend shifts at my local pub. Then on 1 March 2020 I set off for New Zealand to start the gap year route of NZ, Australia and Southeast Asia.”

However, 2 weeks into the trip Covid hit and Mia’s gap year travels came swiftly to a close. “I was back home by the end of the month! Being at home for a couple of weeks with nothing to do soon got boring so I began working at

Mia at the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Amazon as a Fulfilment Associate. I really enjoyed it and met lots of really nice people – a lot I’m still in touch with now!”

“So, although my Uni and Gap year ideas didn’t go to plan, I still had a really good year which led to me finally going to the University that I really wanted to!”

Since arriving in Liverpool, and particularly now she is in her second year, Mia says life feels like it is back to normal. “It’s been really great to get stuck into adult life. I’ve continued playing netball on the Campus League and am a member of a few other Societies, which is always a great way to get mixing with people outside of your course!”

“It’s a real confidence boost to know that last year’s hard work paid off and was recognised, especially given the unusual learning environment we were in. I am looking forward to continuing with the remainder of this year and hopefully doing even better!”

Mia has been busy recently, applying for summer internships and has an Assessment Centre day lined up for a marketing role with a national beauty brand. We wish her the best of luck.