Trent Schools

March 18, 2020

An ongoing relationship between the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC), one of the largest hospitals in the country and Trent College has recently enabled pupils to support front-line medical professionals by utilising their Design & Technology capabilities in the school’s extensive workshop.  

Fulfilling the urgent need

Eye examinations require very close face to face proximity and expose both patients and doctors to high levels of risk of transmitting the coronavirus with the current equipment set up. The screens currently available are unsuitable and new supplies would take several months to be delivered. 

Reducing potential cross-infection

Our Year 12 students quickly understood the challenge ahead and set to work creating a virus protection shield to help protect doctors from potential cross-infection during eye examinations. The result is a simple retro-fit transparent screen which protects both parties from potential risk, as well as enabling the operator to retain full control of the slit lamp. It is manufactured from materials which can be easily and safely wiped down between patients in order to diminish further contamination.  

Head of D&T Mr Prince said, “The students were really keen to get involved with a real life design situation for such a good cause, giving up their study periods to help create and manufacture the screens in quantity. The students are understandably concerned about what will happen with coronavirus but it’s great that we can do something positive to help the UK’s response.” 

Further support

Inspired by their production of numerous shields which are being implemented within the hospital, students are now working on additional shields for other situations within the NHS.

Pupils assess their design within the Design & Technology workshop.