Trent Schools

February 29, 2024

At Trent College, we pride ourselves on nurturing the talents and ambitions of our students, wherever their individual talents and interests lie.  Today, we shine a spotlight on Bram, a remarkable student whose journey demonstrates the spirit of commitment and support that defines our school community.

Discovering a Passion

Bram’s journey into the world of cycling began at the age of 11, through taking part in triathlon. By the age of 13, he had embarked on his competitive career, taking part in endurance road races. Bram seamlessly transitioned to track and velodrome events, demonstrating his skills of adaptability, determination and dedication.

Supporting Dreams

As a school, we pride ourselves on the bespoke support system that we provide our students, both inside and outside the classroom. For Bram, this support takes the form of flexible school hours to ensure he can pursue his passion for cycling without compromising his education. With Leave of Absences granted for training and weekends off during cycling events, Bram can fully immerse himself in his athletic pursuits while still excelling academically. Moreover, Bram’s teachers have gone above and beyond, tailoring Bram’s workload to accommodate his rigorous training schedule.

Reaching New Heights

In 2023, Bram achieved a milestone that many athletes can only dream of, representing Great Britain in an international cycling event held in the Netherlands. This remarkable accomplishment speaks volumes about Bram’s talent and the supportive environment provided at Trent College. With his sights set on even greater heights, Bram has set ambitious goals for himself, including winning the Junior National Track Championship this year and ultimately racing for GB at the Olympic Games.

Personal Growth Through Sport

Cycling has not only honed Bram’s athletic skills but also equipped him with invaluable life skills such as time-management, organisation and adaptability, which will undoubtedly serve him well in future studies and careers.

Choosing Trent College

Bram made the decision to join Trent College for his Sixth Form studies, driven by the school’s reputation for providing a supportive platform for similar student athletes. With a schedule tailored to accommodate his training regime and a community dedicated to helping him succeed, Bram found in Trent College the perfect environment to pursue his passion for cycling whilst receiving an excellent all-round education and strong pastoral support.