We are a group of parents and staff from The Elms who:

Organise interesting and fun social events for The Elms children, parents, staff and friends such as pupil discos; parent events and run the ‘Nearly New Uniform Shop’ that provides a great source of low-cost school uniform. There are year group class representatives that liaise with parents and the PSA to promote events and enable parents to contact each other.

The Elms PSA donate a percentage of profits to local charities and a new one is chosen each year. If you have a recommendation for a charity we could support, please contact Charlie Dean.

PSA committee

To contact the PSA, please contact the Chair, Charlie Dean or leave a note with Upper School  or Lower School Reception or Mrs Christie at the Lower School.  Also please look at our notice board for future events and information.

Charlie Dean (Chair) Telephone: 07590 759 230
Emily Burrows (Secretary)
Keanu Lee (Treasurer)

Upcoming Events

We are finalising the details of our next event. Please check again soon for further details.

Nearly New Uniform:

The ‘Nearly New’ Uniform shop provides a great source of low-cost Elms uniform and a way for parents to sell on uniform that no longer fits. The revenue is split between the parent and the PSA. The shop is run by parent volunteers.

To book your appointment slot to visit the shop, please contact Gemma Jones on gemma.jones70@gmail.com.

Items for sale:

The Nearly New Shop will accept your clean items in good condition for sale. All items should be bagged and labelled, with a completed   ‘Items For Sale Form’   enclosed inside the bag.  The price is set at half of the original purchase price or less, depending on the condition. If no label is present the items will be determined to be a donation to the PSA.

Labelled bags can be left at the shop during opening hours, with Gemma at the school gate, or alternatively they can be left at the Lower or Upper School Reception.


Supporting the school

The PSA uses some of the profits made to support the school in non-academic activities, usually by donating equipment or sponsoring extra-curricular activities.

Examples of these include infant playground equipment for the Lower School, including bikes and trikes and a playground track, Elms Gazebo’s and an extensive range of Lego for a dedicated After School Club. In recent years the Lower School has benefited from a new age relevant library. We hope to support the implementation of a Forest School Classroom in the near future.

Support for Charity

The Children of Hondurus Trust (the Valley of the Angels Orphanage) receives our donations of old uniforms, along with outgrown black school shoes and other clothing and shoes. For more information visit www.chtrust.org.uk

What can you do as a Parent?

Join the PSA committee or offer occasional support as a parent helper

Support our events and involve new parents