Trent Schools

September 24, 2019

Professor Steve Peters and his colleagues from the charitable company Chimp Management are renowned for their work delivering the Chimp Model and explaining to audiences around the world how they can become happy, healthier and more successful.

Professor Peters is a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in the functioning of the human mind, and author of bestselling books, ‘The Chimp Paradox’, ‘My Hidden Chimp’ and ‘The Silent Guides’.

A busy schedule of events was developed to meet the needs of the variety of audiences, from Year 5 and 6 pupils through to teachers, parents and the local community.

Uncovering the hidden chimp

Kicking off the day was Tim Buckle, professional cyclist and part of the Chimp Management team, who engaged over 250 pupils from The Elms and local primary schools in an exciting discovery titled “Me and My Chimp.” The session covered key messages from ‘My Hidden Chimp’, an educational book for children crafted on ideas and thoughts to help children develop healthy habits for life.

The pupils looked into the workings of the mind and the impact on everyday behaviours such as how feelings make them act, as well as practical solutions including how to control their thoughts and the importance of looking after yourself.

BBC Radio 5 Live have been following the works of Steve Peters over the last few years and came to hear the latest presentation to school children.  As part of a programme on this, the presenter was keen to understand what the pupils had learnt from the afternoon session.  Five Elms children, along with The Elms Head, Mrs Faith Potter and teacher, Mr Mark Philpott were invited to be interviewed.   The pupils were able to demonstrate their understanding of the ‘Hidden Chimp’ theory and practical tips to help manage their emotions. Professor Peters advised the pupils to reason with their chimps and not try to fight it.  We look forward to hearing the programme when it airs in October 2019.

Teaching the teachers

To round off the afternoon, teachers from Trent College and The Elms gathered in the Devonshire Library to hear from Professor Peters and his team, on understanding and using the chimp model within the classroom, in order to get the best out of themselves and the young people they work with.

Drawing on the educational experience of the Chimp Management team and their Education Programme, Professor Peters and Tim Buckle explained the thought processes of pupils, enabling teachers to provide better support for the student’s learning journeys, as well as guidance on how to manage emotions demonstrated within the classroom to produce a cohesive working environment for all.

The grand finale

The day culminated with ‘An Evening with Professor Steve Peters’, allowing over 350 guests from the wider school and local community to understand and benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the renowned clinical psychologist himself. Providing a simplified view into the neuroscience of the mind and the development from childhood, Professor Peters talked through the workings of the chimp system and how it can be best managed. Delegates left feeling empowered having gained insights into both themselves and their children as well as practical tips to develop further at home, with one guest commenting, “It was a fabulous thought-provoking evening of mind-blowing importance. I know that sounds dramatic. I read his book when it came out several years ago and it was life-changing for me.”

The proceeds of this sold-out event will be distributed across the supported charities of Chimp Management.