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December 14, 2023

With some year groups seeing 91% of pupils attending at least one after-school club (Michaelmas term 2023), the fantastic uptake is testament to how much pupils and their families value the activities on offer. Here’s why:

  1. Fostering Personal Growth

After-school clubs at The Elms are designed to nurture the personal development of our pupils. In the familiar setting of the school, they provide a supportive environment where children can discover new interests and passions whilst building self-confidence. Whether it’s Oh Sew Crafty, Karate, Elms’ Lionesses or Woodwork these clubs allow the children to explore their talents and develop skills that can benefit them throughout their lives.

“Sophie benefits from being able to spend time with her follow cohorts, socially immerse herself in school life, and enjoy the wonderful facilities The Elms as to offer. The pastoral care and transition at the end of the school day to the after-school clubs, is very well organised and the staff most attentive and supportive”.

Mr Arrowsmith, Parent in Year 1

Clubs are led by a mix of teachers and external partners who are supported by school staff. By introducing pupils to the wider staff body, the children build their confidence when interacting with adults as well as preparing them for progression through the school where these staff members could later become their class teacher.

Advanced Sketching Clubs develops a range of skills


2. Building Social Skills

Interacting with peers who share similar interests is a cornerstone of after-school clubs. Our clubs create a sense of belonging and provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to build friendships and develop essential social skills.

When working on a group project or collaborating on a shared goal, the children learn to communicate effectively and embrace diversity within their club communities. Our clubs are dedicated to either the Infant (Reception – Year 2) or Junior (Year 3-6) year groups to ensure they are pitched at the right level for the children.

“The range of after school clubs offered at the Elms is excellent. Our son has enjoyed each one he has tried, from crafts such as Jumping Clay, martial arts like karate and sports such as Soccer Stars. It’s been a great way for him to try out different activities and to develop new skills in a familiar and friendly environment. It means he gets to spend even more time with his classmates and build friendships across other year groups.”

Ms Canals, Parent in Year 2


Pupils from a range of year groups performing as part of Glee Club.


3. Academic Enhancement

After-school clubs complement and enhance academic learning. Clubs such as Practical Science, Chess and Creative Writing can provide a platform for pupils to delve deeper into their favourite subjects, reinforcing their academic foundations and strategic thinking. Steven Young, Assistant Leader Pastoral (Juniors) explains the wider benefits the clubs can bring, “The educational benefits of clubs extend beyond academic focused ones at The Elms. Academic clubs are wonderful at allowing children to expand their knowledge and expertise in specific academic areas but all clubs lend value to the academic curriculum at The Elms.  Our non-academic clubs offer children the chance to develop their skills in collaboration, creative problem-solving and resilience, which are all higher-level skills that will drive academic progress further.”

4. Supporting busy families

Extending a child’s day at school to 16.30 or 17.00 (dependent on the club) supports busy families with their schedules. Many also find their evenings are more fulfilling as a result of attending clubs at The Elms, as it mitigates the pressure of further travel to additional clubs.

“We have been absolutely delighted with our daughter’s experience at The Elms after-school clubs. The variety offered is impressive and has allowed her to explore different interests, contributing significantly to her personal development. We recommend the after-school clubs to other parents seeking a well-rounded and enriching experience for their children. It’s been a joy to see our daughter enjoy this programme, and we are grateful for the positive influence it brings to her school life.”

Dr Vijayan, Parent in Year 1

Considering the recent Childcare Survey by charity Coram Family and Childcare (2023), which found that “the average cost of an after-school club in Great Britain is £67.42 a week, or £2,629 a year” Many families might be concerned about the additional costs associated with extracurricular activities, but we are proud to highlight we have very competitive pricing for the clubs that fall outside of the all-inclusive remit of our day fees.

Infant children enjoy developing their fitness and focus in Karate

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