Trent Schools

February 11, 2021

Launched this term, Project #LiveAndDirect is our promise to pupils and parents that every sports session, PE lesson and co-curricular club will be delivered in real-time, directly to their homes via Trent’s remote learning environment.

The Vision 

“To run an industry-leading remote sports project that is recognised as the best in the country, ensuring that the sports education of all Trent College pupils is enhanced, developed and maintained. The sports department will continue to be at the forefront of driving community spirit, team work and connectivity between the school and its pupils during this period.”

What’s Involved? 

New fitness opportunities (for the whole school community!) As well as adding yoga and health & fitness groups to games lessons to promote wellbeing, we have been running a Family Fun Fitness class every Saturday for Year 7 and 8. More than 60 families have been tuning in for weekly fun through fitness. Our Trent Runners Club has also moved onto the mobile app Strava, with pupils, parents, staff and Old Tridents all getting involved and logging their Friday running sessions.

Five objectives for every lesson

  1. A clear objective to learn – lessons are a workout for the brain and the body!
  2. A 15/20 workout – pupils will work up a sweat and get those endorphins pumping
  3. Skill development – within our various parameters, that pupils can benefit from regardless of the space and equipment available at home.
  4. Ongoing assessment in a variety of forms– such as a Q&A with the teacher, competitions between pupils, written homework or ‘go away and practise’ tasks.
  5. Our pupils have fun!

More tailored teaching and coaching opportunities Microsoft Teams break out rooms have enabled us to strengthen our focus on meet the needs of each pupil through tailored teaching. Pupils are now learning in their ‘Participation, Progression and Performance’ sub-groups remotely.

Two specialist staff per lesson Two members of our sports team are currently present at every lesson on the school timetable. One teacher demonstrates the skills and activity being taught, while the other focuses on identifying areas of improvement to provide pupils with real-time feedback and guidance.

Netball and Hockey All year groups have been receiving specialist teaching in Netball and Hockey.

A greater focus on the ‘education’ in ‘Physical Education’ All PE lessons will contain a substantial amount of educational content.

Inspiration from professional athletes We have worked with a number of sports stars to engage, challenge and stretch our pupils. So far this term Beth Cobden (England Netball), Dan Robson (England Rugby), Sam Walsh and former pupil Ollie Willars (England Hockey) have provided pupils with different perspectives on sport and performance.

Director of Sport Mr Mahony said, “This term’s project Live and Direct is rewarding and challenging in the same breath. As well as the evident physical benefits of sports participation, we understand the importance of exercise for wellbeing and mental health. The Trent College sports team are committed to providing the very best remote provision for our pupils and have been working closely with staff at The Elms to ensure their pupils also benefit from a high quality programme. The project has really gripped our pupils and we’re enjoying the challenge!”

Sport is a fundamental part of the all-round education we provide at Trent College and The Elms. Our national reputation for sporting success has been developed through a longstanding whole school commitment and passion for sport. Driven by our ‘3Ps’ philosophy (Participation, Progression, Performance), our sports programme ensures that every pupil progresses through teaching in line with their skill level.

From the classroom to the sports pitch, discover the exceptional opportunities on offer at Trent College and The Elms with our upcoming Whole School Open Morning on Saturday 6th March. Book your place here. You can find out more about our remote sports programme in the blog ‘Engaging Pupils with Sport Remotely’ and learn more about the proud sporting culture at our schools here.