Trent Schools

January 8, 2021

The comprehensive remote learning environment established by Trent last year has enabled the school’s Careers Department to continue supporting pupils at the most crucial stages of their educational journeys.

As Year 11 look to complete their secondary education and Sixth Form pupils plan their next steps, our in house Careers experts have been there to guide them during their crucial decision making, using a variety of different tools and strategies.


Careers support begins in Year 7 for Trent pupils and even earlier for those children who attend our junior school The Elms. In Year 11, this support is amplified as pupils must decide what path to follow post-GCSEs.

It is a time of self-discovery and exploring the possibilities, as pupils get to know themselves and are encouraged to ask important questions such as:

  • What are my strengths?
  • What am I interested in?
  • What are my defining personality traits?

The Careers team assist pupils in this process through a strategy called ‘careers profiling’, which utilises essential online resources (My Careers Choice and My Aptitude – both provided by My Future Choice) to analyse each individual’s interests and character.

During the process, pupils answer 300 different questions. The results they receive are highly personalised, providing guidance on the A Level choices and future career paths that are best suited to each pupil’s unique strengths and interests. The next step is a discussion of the results with a qualified My Future Choice interviewer in a 1-to-1 20-minute interview, which last term took place via video call.


One-on-one consultations are available to all Trent students, from Year 7 through to Year 13. These are usually carried out in our onsite Careers & Higher Education Centre and offer guidance for the future. During lockdown last year, all students were able to access consultations via Teams wherever they were in the world.

These consultations are pupil-led and all pathways are open for discussion. The purpose is to support pupils as they gather information and look for advice on different university courses, as well as exploring alternate paths such as apprenticeships and gap years. Finding the best fit for every individual is the goal.


All interviews for university applicants will be conducted via various video formats this year. These involve pupils planning to study a range of courses but also those applying for a medical, dentistry and veterinary course, or to study at Oxford or Cambridge University.

The Careers team have been making the most of the expertise available to the school through our extensive alumni network. Many Old Tridents have spoken to pupils about their applications, shared their own experiences of the university admissions process and supported pupils with practise interviews on Microsoft Teams.

Large scale practice interviews such as Multiple Mini Interview sessions have also taken place remotely, giving pupils a valuable insight into the intense university selection process.


Our careers-focused co-curricular groups provide pupils with access to support in a social environment, where they can prepare for the future alongside young people with similar goals and ambitions. Trent’s Apprenticeship Group, MedSoc and VetSoc met weekly throughout last term, both face-to-face in a COVID-safe environment but also over Microsoft Teams. Members of these co-curricular groups also benefitted from the expertise of various professionals through virtual careers talks.

Following the success of last term, our expert Careers team are looking forward to another term of helping pupils go further as they plan for the future. We are fully prepared and ready to deliver the very best careers support and guidance through our extensive remote learning programme.

At Trent College and The Elms we continue to welcome admissions throughout the year. Whilst visiting our campus is restricted, our range of virtual content allows you to experience the environment at our schools.