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May 11, 2021

  • Two primary school children sat on the floor together playing with counters
  • Primary School teacher sat with young pupil talking
The Elms Recipe

When choosing the right school for your little one, it is important to remember that learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom. At The Elms, learning takes place across our school’s 45-acre campus in a variety of creative and inspiring forms. The key to effective learning in EYFS is make it fun!

Parents can create fun learning opportunities in endless ways at home. For example, practical and purposeful activities that will help your child develop their numeracy skills include weighing out ingredients for a family meal, identifying house numbers on a walk and incorporating counting into a dance routine.

Nurturing Young Bookworms
  • Story time. Introduce your child to poetry and informative texts as well as fiction books.
  • Share your use of reading in day-to-day life with your child, such as following a recipe.
  • Show your child that adults love reading too. Role model the behaviour you would like to see and sit down with a good book.
Mix Up Play
  • Deconstructed role-play, rather than themed, promotes individual thinking. For example, one child’s imagination may transform a cardboard box into a pirate ship while another’s could see it become an aeroplane.
  • Make models from recycled materials. Ask your child to decide what they would like to create.
  • Encourage your child to reflect. Craft projects can be re-visited and continued. Ask your child to explain what they have added and why.
  • Set up a station for your child to explore mark marking on different materials.
  • Write out instructions for your child to read so that they can make their own play dough. This website has some great easy to follow play dough recipes.
The Great Outdoors
  • Teach your child to get themselves dressed e.g. putting on and zipping up their own coat.
  • Plant a seed, nurture it and watch it grow into new life.
  • Use a large paintbrush dipped in water on the garden fence to assist the development of motor movements, which are essential for writing.
  • Practise throwing and catching together (a scarf can work well to develop confidence before using a ball).
  • Playground visits are opportunities for your child to develop their gross motor skills with hanging, swinging, climbing and balancing.
Stronger Together

Lifelong learners are achieved at The Elms when parents and staff work closely together to instil a love of learning across all curriculum areas.

To join us on this journey and enable your child to go further in their education, please contact our ADMISSIONS MANAGER to find out more or to arrange a Private Tour.